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Cha Dawn braves the unknown

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Marr attacks a poorly guarded southern city unexpectedly.  One that I never got a road down to.  I wounded him with some artillery, but not enough to prevent him from taking the base.

Examining Marr's current tech level, he's researched Doctrine:Air Power and Superconductor.

To be honest, I don't like this game and am quitting.  I've found a lot of this to be extremely tedious.  I think part of the problem is I've been seduced by the percieved necessity to colonize the Monsoon Jungle.  It is not actually all that useful.  Especially, it has stretched me out and kept me from garrisoning anything properly.  I feel like I've had poor productivity this whole game.

This is probably stemming from poor growth from going Green earlier.  I've had that happen with Aki Zeta-5 many times, but with her I know how to compensate.  Just go Planned, and don't even think about Green with her.  With Cha Dawn a solution is not so obvious.  In this stage of the game, I still need to settle and make wars.  I cannot afford Democracy right now.  Well I guess I've learned the annoying way that I can't really afford to be Green either.  The tech was useful for getting The Empath Guild but I shouldn't have gone Green.

Yes I could recover from this umbrage.  But why bother?  I don't like how my empire is laid out or garrisoned and it feels like a big waste of mouseclicks.  This hasn't felt like an effective empire, despite my leading status on the board.  It has felt like stagnant / doing poorly.

Objectively, since 2 other factions have the same power as myself, and a 3rd is nearly so, my feeling is probably correct.  Later for this.  Continuing with such games, and especially such narratives, is time intensive and I could do better.

I'm beginning to get annoyed at doing poorly 2 games in a row.  What is up with that?  In Zhakarov's case, partly it was boredom.  I didn't want to play him the way I knew he needed to be played.  I paid the price for that.  I don't like games where the environment constrains me to only do X.

In this game, I shouldn't have gone Green, and I'm not used to the slowness at which Cha Dawn produces things.  It makes SPs sluggish.  I let a lot of SPs go by, that I feel I should have secured more of.  I had the techs, but not the ability to make good on them.

I also think the lack of action from Marr for such a long time, lulled me into a false sense of security about whether he'd ever attack at all.  I know that garrisoning vs. doing other things is a "press your luck" situation.  But that doesn't change the fact that feeling paranoid about needing to garrison, isn't enjoyable.  I think I wanted to be able to enjoy what Cha Dawn was doing, and I really didn't feel that the whole game.  Just felt like struggling the whole time.

So this game and narrative used up an entire day of my life.  Only to suffer a base walk-in?  WTF!!  Why bother?  Really, probably put 10 hours into this, why bother?  Other than to make a record of events of a game, I'm not really seeing the justification.


I blew off this game.  A viable game; hey, I made Governor.  Clearly I could have retaken that 1 city.  But to get to that point, used up an entire day of my life.  That's not quality gaming time spent.


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