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Cha Dawn braves the unknown

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My last game sucked.  As the University I got bottled up by both Aliens and was ultimately dispatched by one of Marr's probe teams.  Even though I had prudently researched all needed conquer techs to steamroll him.  I simply never had the productivity to make good on it, and failure to come up with my own probe teams proved my undoing.  So this game, I have a lot to think about as far as fighting Aliens at close quarters at the beginning of the game.

Huge map, average settings, Transcend, random factions including myself.  I draw Cha Dawn.  I start on pretty good land with a bunch of pods around.  I don't settle immediately because I notice a pod on the coast.  If it turns into a profitable resource, I wouldn't have been able to use it from my initial position.  In fact it would have been a "miss", no city would have gotten to use it.  Delaying my capitol turned out to be a smart call as I popped a mineral.  I also cloned my scout, so my 2 garrison units aren't costing me anything.  I built 4 Formers, leaving exploration to the mindworms.

The radar looked like I might be on an island, although it wasn't easy to tell.  Out of caution, and lacking a brain for what the heck else to do right now anyways, I opted for Explore only focus.  It's been awhile since I've played either Cha Dawn or the Gaians, so I'm not sure what the best way to proceed is.  I do remember that relying overly much on mindworms for one's army, does not actually build an effective army.  It takes a long time and one doesn't end up with all that many units.  They can also end up far away from where they're needed.  Whereas, colonizing a "core" empire with sufficient cities is always a safe strategy no matter what the faction.

To the west, I set off an earthquake.  This may have caused land masses to touch that were otherwise separate.  I will never know for sure.  The presence of a Monolith that I didn't pop, is sinister.  The Usurpers are in this game, and not the Caretakers.  Am I about to get a rematch with them?  On the graph the Usurpers are very strong, and all the human factions are weak, like myself.

Dingy dang, that's the Monsoon Jungle!  And it is surely occupied by whoever popped that Monolith.  I must try very hard not to make any political contact.  I may be able to settle this corner of the Jungle innocently, before anyone can protest that I took over their land.  That's a lot of land and fungus to get through though.  I do have Doctrine:Mobility though, so Doctrine:Flexibility may be just around the corner.

I meet some Spartans.  We trade lasers for formers and sign a Treaty.  Now I can make some Recon Rovers.  I am doubting that they are the occupants of the Jungle.  They claimed ignorance of Marr's, Zhakarov's, and Roze's comm frequencies.

I've got 2 Artifacts now.  One is in my capitol already.

I think I just answered the question of who's next door to me.  It's as I feared.  They must have walked over all the fungus to the west, while I was busy defeating mindworms with my own to the south.  Small possibility that they came by sea, but an overland journey is a more likely explanation for the wounds.  Well I hope he doesn't start shooting immediately, and I'll try to stall him with Scouts until my mindworms arrive.  Better a wounded Ogre than a full strength one!

He didn't speak immediately, but chose to move his Ogre 1 square away.  Next turn he moved to some fungus I presume.  And then he decided to speak.  Without potential for interruption or gainsay, this is all he had to say:

Ok.  Guerrilla war it is then.  At least he gave me a little bit of time to get my mindworms closer to home.  My spore launcher has begun shelling him, although I don't know if it does any good.  I've rushed an untrained Recon Rover that only needed 2 turns to finish, so I don't think his Ogre should be able to harm my bases.

My tech outlook is not good.  14 years until the next breakthrough, and I don't have ships yet.  That's with pursuing Explore since Turn 0.  This is a forced situation, I've not been given any choice here.  I can't control earthquakes, I can't control getting Marr sitting on top of the Jungle next to me.  I guess I can talk to Santiago and see if she has anything to trade.

Well indeed she did: Doctrine:Flexibility for Social Psych!  Now I'm switching to Discover focus.  I've already got Biogenetics and Secrets of the Human Brain.  I'm not making the same mistake I made last game, having no probe teams.  With ships I also stand a chance of contacting other factions for trade, although who knows how far away they are.


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