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Zhakarov shows up.  We traded something and signed a treaty.  He sold me Domai's frequency.  We signed a treaty.  I could hold an election now but I couldn't win it.  Roze and Domai both have more votes, and it would be between them.  I have 2 allies but if they aren't voting for me, it doesn't help me.

So, I am only at war with Marr.  Nobody knows where he is yet.

I've decided to spread the comm frequencies around, to see if any map data comes back to my allies, to tell me where Marr is.  Yang didn't like that I wouldn't go to war with Roze.  To shut him up about that, I asked him to stop fighting Roze.  They signed a Treaty.  I'm sure that can't last but it'll buy me blessed silence for now.  Perhaps I should have made a move on that before, instead of waiting for Yang's attitude to shift to Noncommittal.  Either of them could actually be a long term ally, I have flexible choices that way.  But I can't have both.  Right now, Roze is more powerful than Yang on the graph, but not by much.  Nobody is terribly powerful, not even Marr.  He's almost even with me, and I'm Unsurpassed.  I'm just barely ahead of everyone else though.

Ah hell, let's see what Marr says!  He says he wants 75 credits.  Screw you Marr.

Santiago did pick up a map of Free Drone and University territory.  That's useful, but Marr is nowhere to be seen.

I talked to Yang again.  He didn't ask to buy a comm, but his attitude is now Solicitous, which is good.

Talked to Santiago yet again.  Sold her Zhakarov's frequency.

Talked to Roze again.  Sold her Zhakarov's frequency.

Talked to Yang again.  He didn't want anything.

Talked to Santiago again.  She didn't have anything further to report.

Talked to Domai again.  He's still Ambivalent and whining about wanting my tech.  I think that's it then.  I've learned all there is to know.

With some of the cash I made, I rushed a couple of Recycling Tanks.  I need to colonize!

Next turn someone called an election.  We elected Domai.  He's my southern neighbor and Ambivalent towards me.  I'm not happy about that, but Yang voted for him, and I agree that Roze should be kept weak.  If only so that I can choose which of those two I wish to ally with long term.  Also if Domai gets too strong, it's easier for me to invade him.  Roze is pretty far away.

Domai and I each have 7 cities.  However mine are in a tighter grouping than his.

The weird thing about Domai is he doesn't have to be a natural enemy.  He cannot go Green, but as a human, I'm not bound by what my faction does when it's an AI.  My exclusion is Wealth and there's actually no faction in the game that requires people to be Wealthy to be happy with them.  Someday down the road, I'll need to choose between Santiago liking Power and Zhakarov liking Knowledge.  Just realized, nobody in this game cares what my Economics are.  Only my Politics and Values.  Domai will care about a Future Society someday if he lives that long.

Oh, well I guess Marr cares about my economics.  But he already declared war so I don't care what he thinks.  My economics are that Alien skins are good for holding water, and mindworms will eat anything in the pits.

I complete The Human Genome Project using 2 Artifacts and cash.  Roze, surprisingly, trades me Industrial Base for Polymorphic Software.  Well maybe it's about to be finished by someone.  I sell Zhakarov Marr's comm frequency.  Hey, knock yourself out!  Maybe we can find this weirdo.  Is he in that ocean spot west of my lands, with the edge of a city showing?  Or is that something Domai settled?  I guess I'll find out eventually.  Is he in this big dark mass in the middle?  There's definitely some major islands in there at least.

My allies Santiago and Yang aren't very happy with me anymore.  Roze loves me.  Must be the comm sex.  You know, Cultists have a way with pink worms.

Zhakarov did obtain a map from Marr.  Yep, he's holed up in that spot just west of my lands.  That explains where the Ogre came from.  Just landed on my shores on a slow transport and walked roughly east to west, popping pods as it went.  Nearly dead by the time it got to me.

Santiago traded me Nonlinear Mathematics for Polymorphic Software.  I have little to fear from Marr, but I shall get some skimship probe teams in the water to steal his armor.

A new election is called.  We pick my ally Santiago.  Domai tried to bribe me, but I'd rather have her than Domai.

Some SPs got built.  I'm working on The Citizen's Defense Force, which I don't think anyone else has yet.  It'll be awhile though.

I have 9 bases and got a Bureaucracy warning.  I don't really have road capacity so am going more vertical for now.  I'm building a number of skimship probe teams and they are starting to deploy.  One got completed fast by a pod.


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