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The Second Mission was the Lambda Set on created by Chiron Force, with help from Pentalarc. The art was created by networknode, with base icons by Sceabsatsatniiazna.


Six years after the Unity Mission was launched, Mankind entered its darkest days. Not knowing if Unity would be a success, a backup mission was planned. Unfourtnately, not a single nation had the rescources to fund another mission, so the nations of the world turned to private enterprises. Five international corporations and two private groups provided the funding for a second mission in return for a ticket to Chiron…


The Rensallir Corporation - A French aeronautics company that specializes in commercial spaceflight.

Jorgenstad - a Dutch electronics and technology company.

Delgusia Inc. - the leading Brazilian manufacturing company with military connections.

CerraGen - a shadowy American genetics company.

Obrioshi - a Japanese energy company.

The Briach Estate - a fabulously wealthy English estate.

Serabollio - an Italian enterprise that has long been associated with art and fashion.


The beginning of a story about The Second Mission by Chiron Force was available on the Fiction section of

Archived copy


Æther SPOON wrote reviews for this faction set in Part 03 of their SMACSid Meier's Alpha Centauri Reference Guide and FAQ. They rated it as their favorite faction pack:

Awards reported in their August 2003 update that CerraGen was the winning faction from the site's Planetary Elections for Lambda Set.