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  • Post errors in the Datalinks error reporting thread.
  • Proofread and fix minor errors where you see them.
  • Create and suggest guides, and add them from elsewhere.
  • Add redirects to mislinked pages.
  • Suggest things to ete!

Faction archive

  • Add factions to the Faction index.
  • Add overviews about the philosophy and playstyle of custom factions.
  • Add credits for factions (|Creator= and |Artist=) where they are known.
  • Check and improve faction text files, especially those in need of attention (pay attention to the editing guidelines for factions, they're on each faction text page).
  • Categorize factions with graphical issues (add {{nbases}} to custom factions without custom bases for now).

Graphics people

Someone good with web design/html

  • Make some nice CSS to easily make tables look more pretty (and consistent with forum style ideally).
  • Build a skin which matches forums.


  • Review/improve entries on User:Guvner/Datalinks
  • Set up a wiki export -> datalinks text file system
  • Set up edit histories for other text files edited (create page with original, save with edit reason "Original <filename>", paste your version over it with reason "Guv'ner changes" or similar)


  • Add leaderinfoboxes - The Official Factions are done. Since the custom faction are a little incomplete. I will hold off on that project.
  • Redirects!
  • Faction Indexes
  • Fix Links
    • Economics - (SESocial Engineering choice, slider, base output)


  • Bug tracker
  • Scenarios
  • Get cropped parts of faction graphics in replacing whole ones
    • Crop all the parts (bases, diplomacy screen)
    • Make template for displaying bases and diplomacy screen
  • Organize ALL the other custom factions for upload
  • Graphics for all the infoboxes
    • Society Effects
    • Techs
    • Facilities
    • SPs
    • Terraforming
    • Weapons
    • Armor
    • Chassis
  • Get user merge set up and sort out the pre-bridge accounts with it.
  • Set up Ultimate Faction Pack and the process for creating/improving it

sisko & ete

  • Thumbnailing/image resizing setup
  • Prod SMF people into making the bridge compatible with new MW versions
  • Pale images issue