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Alien War
« on: May 01, 2014, 04:10:27 AM »
Scenario Name: Alien War
Author: mart7x5
Date of original posting: 10/1/04
Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

The last scenario I created is "Alien War" and is made using tips from
SMAC Academy and also some other experiences. I have already playtested
it like over 10 times for the first game years. Everything looks to
proceed as planned, but how situation will develop later is still
unknown. So that would be a test. It is a scenario, so anyone interested
would have to unzip it to "Scenario" folder in the root game directory,
and start playing it from option "Play Scenario".

a note:
there is a separate alphax.txt file in which I have removed some bugs
according to SMAC Acadamey. Heavy transport is enabled, just to allow
for higher variety of transport units and better use of land transports
(if anyone uses them). This alphax.txt should remain in "Alien War"
scenarion folder. Game when playing scenario chooses it over that one
from root directory.
You play Spartans
Transcend level
64x128 map size
All victory conditions, but highest score wins.
Tech stagnation
No random events
No spoils of war
Directed research
Iron Man

And this is for your AlphaCentauri.ini:

Faction 1=CARETAKE
Faction 2=USURPER
Faction 3=PEACE
Faction 4=UNIV
Faction 5=GAIANS
Faction 6=MORGAN
Faction 7=SPARTANS

The story:

On Earth you were a military officer, and when United Nations offered
you membership in planned expedition to Alpha Centauri as Security
Commander you decided to join. Flight was not succesful in its last
stage and the starship "Unity" crashed on Chiron, the only habitable
planet in the star system. Several escape pods landed scattered over the
nearby region. Since many crew members survived, it would appear that
the future of the mission is secured. Unfortunately, one year after the
planetfall things look even worse. A distinct division between U.N.
mission leaders emerged. Commisioner Pravin Lal frustrated with actions
of other leaders and their apparent will to proceed with their own
agendas adapted doctrine of strong rule over the mission. He secured
support of Lady Deirdre Sky for himself, but failed to do it with
science officer, Provost Zakharov and CEO Nwabudike Morgan. Zakharov
decided to resist Pravin Lal, and created strong alliance with CEO

You found yourself in an extremely difficult position, between two
groups fiercely opposed each other and almost ready for war. Recently,
Pravin Lal created a defensive perimeter around the main base, his U.N.
Headquarters. On top of that there is a report that just before the
crash of the "Unity", the starship recorded an activity on the planet,
which was most likely of an alien origin. However, this report is being
neglected by the other leaders. They are too occupied with their
personal quarrels.

You realize, that the mission is about to fail. You have talked to your
subordinates, and you know that many of them sympathise strongly with
either one or the other side. If you join one side, the military will be
fragmented too. You decide that the only possible way to save the
mission is to stay neutral. You gather the most loyal to you military
officers and troops and depart the human colony bases heading east. You
cross high mountain range dividing the continent and travelling across
the desert you reach eastern coast.

You know that your recent departure from the colony was not welcomed by
Pravin Lal, Provost Zakharov and CEO Morgan. However, judgeing from
your last conversation with Lady Deirdre, you conclude that she
understood your position and perhaps you may count for her support in
difficult times.

The year is 2101.
Will you be succesful in establishing stable colony?
Will disagreement between mission leaders be settled?
Who are the aliens?



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