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Lying Lal
« on: January 05, 2021, 05:00:56 AM »
I'm playing my mod.  I'm Cha Dawn, and in my mod the Cult of Planet cannot be Democratic.  The AI's compulsion is Eudaimonic, which in my mod evolved to be the Planet friendly option.  The Eudaimonic dialog almost sorta works for him.  I'm a long way off from that.

Despite a Huge map, I have Yang and Lal as my immediate next door neighbors, to the west and east respectively.  I allied with both of them.  Lal is an ally of convenience because I'll never be able to please him with Democratic.  At some point he'll get tired of me and I'll stomp him.

MY 2139.  Somehow, we've all come into contact with each other fairly early.  I sold commlink frequencies to everyone, then I called an election.  I installed my buddy Yang over Lal, and I've also loaned Yang money.  I expect them to kill each other at some point and I'll be fine with teaming with Yang.

I thought, hey let's make this really easy and legalize chemical weapons!  Sometimes the AIs will do it if they aren't thinking hard.  Well, Yang was with it, making the proposition viable.  In other games, the Governor has vetoed.  Nobody else was with it though, so I set about to bribing people.

Lal told me he'd vote YEA if I gave him 4 techs.  So what did he do??

lying Lal
lying Lal

Lying cheating bastard!  He didn't vote YEA, he abstained.  I went ahead and bribed Aki-Zeta 5 for sake of form, fairly cheaply too.  The others wouldn't budge.  If Lal hadn't cheated, I would have had this.

Makes me wonder if this is a measure Lal is never allowed to vote YEA on.  If so, there's no text description of such a restriction.  It's not like Lal says, "My hands are tied."


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