Iniswap version 2.2 -beta
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Description: Description: New Iniswap version, 2.2, for testing.
It should work ok, though, I am not sure if in all cases.

Unzip the executable: "Iniswap_2-2.exe" to the folder, where you have your SMAX executables (main game folder). Iniswap should create its folder for you automatically during its first execution. Two default sets will be placed, but later you can remove them, if you wish.

It differs from version 2.0, written in code::blocks this time, using win32 API.

When launching, it detects 7 factions currently in ini file, which are displayed on the left.
You can then:
Add set from ini - add these 7 factions to recorded sets, they are listed in listbox on the left.
Remove set - when a set in listbox on the left is selected, it can be removed from the list here
Play Selected Set/exe file - when an exe file is selected in the listbox on the right, it will be launched with a set of factions:
1) existing in ini file, if nothing selected in listbox on the left or,
2) new factions from a set selected on the left, the ini file will be saved with these new factions.

- This new Iniswap program replaces only factions declarations in ini file, all other 'lines' of ini file are unchanged
- There is new folder for this version: "Iniswap3" which stores recorded sets in a separate txt file.
Keywords: Iniswap, faction graphics bug 
Posted by: Mart January 27, 2013, 01:09:43 PM

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January 27, 2013, 10:47:19 PM
Ok, the first thing I can see to correct later.
terranx is launched with system command, and much better works ShellExecuteEx. E.g. in ver. 2.2 movies may not work.
If you start exe by Iniswap, do it just to see, that program starts, but then quit and launch exe from outside of it.

It should be corrected in version 2.3

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