Replacement movie playing - testing and demo
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Description: Replacement movie playing - testing/demo release
Please refer to this thread:
for instructions.
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Posted by: Mart July 10, 2015, 01:26:18 PM

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Max Powah
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May 02, 2016, 01:43:23 PM
Archive doesn't extract properly with Win10's built in zip manager. 7zip works.

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July 16, 2015, 06:27:27 PM
Installing smax-movie-demo

First, you may want to backup your playuv15.exe file from "movies" folder, although the rescue file (copy of it) is provided in the zip.
Most likely, the file you have (downloaded), has name ending with .z
Rename it to .zip
Unpack the content "keeping folders tree" into your game folder
- file: terx_movie.exe should be in the same folder as your terranx.exe, that you play smax with.

There will be one file replacement needed: playuv15.exe, make the replacement.
- there is provided PP version: playuv15.exe.original in case you did not make a backup.


Start the game clicking the terx_movie.exe, otherwise you will not be able to watch any movies in the game.

- After a movie, in this demo/test, for now, use mouse to click appropriate buttons rather than enter from keyboard. It works better this way.
New version will have appropriately set activate window function.

Uninstalling smax-movie-demo

You can remove completely:
- folder "TERX_movie"
- folder "movies2", thogh you may want to keep your alternative movies.
- terx_movie.exe file from main game folder.
- As for folder "movies" you can delete files:
-- playuv15.exe
-- ffplay.exe
-- ffplay-LICENSE.txt

At this point you either:
- place your buckup playuv15.exe to restore functionality from before demo
- rename 'playuv15.exe.original' to 'playuv15.exe'

If you choose the first option, you can delete the ' .original' file.

How to add replacement movies to the game

1) Make a movie and save it in some format readable for ffplay. They have broad range of codecs, so mp4 or avi would work ok. The original wve format can also be played by ffplay!
2) Name this new movie with the same file body name, as the one you want to replace. The extension does not matter, so for example:
making file 'openingx.mp4' will replace 'openingx.wve' during game.
3) Place this new movie in "movies2" folder.
You do not need to move or delete or replace the file in "movies" folder. You can keep the original movies there.

In case you want return to original movie, either:
- delete new file from "movies2"
- change the name of the file in "movies2" so the name bodies do not match, e.g.:
'openingx.mp4' to 'openingx_1.mp4'


- Folder "TERX_movie" is crucial for functioning of the system, so it should be there, and:
- Folder "TERX_movie"should be possible to be written into, the playuv15.exe writes movie name to a txt file there. So do not set "read-only" flag for it.
- Inside this folder, "TERX_movie" is the file "ffplay_options.txt", also crucial to the system functioning well. It contains flags for ffplay.
It is recommended to keep -autoexit for automatic movie end. Otherwise, you will need to close ffplay window manually each time.
You can try other options for ffplay, e.g. resizing or full screen, etc.
- when playing movies, you have access to functions of ffplay from keyboard, such as:
"s" step one movie frame, it also makes a "pause"
"f" toggle fullscreen
"p" pause
etc. check ffplay documentation for more.

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