Fight for the Boreholes Scenario
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Description: iraxis' new scenario titled "Fight for the Boreholes" takes gamers to a distant continent where expeditionary forces of four factions have established strongholds surrounding the mysterious alien artifact known as The Borehole Cluster.
The Borehole Cluster, which were left on the planet's surface by the same mysterious culture that built the monoliths and alien artifacts, provide players with bonus minerals and energy.

Gamers can enter this scenario as any one of the four sides - The Believers, the Hive, the Spartans or the Gaians. While earning a "draw" may be easily achieved, the true challenge comes when players try to preserve their own objective while capturing the enemy-held objective before the scenario ends.

Posted by: BUncle February 16, 2012, 10:26:13 PM

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