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newGLSMAC - Open-source OpenGL/SDL2 remaster of SMAC
Posted by: afwbkbc, January 12, 2023, 06:37:19 PM
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Hi all, I just started an effort to recreate/remaster SMAC (Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri) to let it run on modern systems, and especially to have working, stable, reliable multiplayer. It's still at very early stage, but feel free to subscribe, review, discuss and maybe even participate. I estimate a playable version to come in a month or so.
The idea is to use existing resources and game logic of SMAC (to preserve the feel) while having a modern, multi-threaded, bug-free game client. Once this step is done I will move further and add modding support, better graphics, various online services and more.
Code repository is located at , it contains more details, discord link and also some ubuntu-compatible binaries if somebody is too lazy to compile.
It will be nice to have consistent feedback while development goes, to make sure I do everything right :)
xxRacing the Darkness - An Alpha Centauri Photologue
Posted by: Trenacker, March 13, 2022, 06:28:53 PM
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This is a fictional account of the Unity expedition featured in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

I am presenting material in pseudo-"photo" essay form.

This is the story of an expedition into the unknown. It was an act of desperation, undertaken not in optimism or from a place of pride, but because our species, and the civilization it created, had run out of time. And so we fled the world we had seemingly destroyed for one that might yet destroy us.

Sid Meier, et al. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Firaxis Games. 1999.

I'm going to try to post about three updates a day.

Source Material

The primary source for this timeline is, quite naturally, the eponymous computer game and its 1999 sequel, Alpha Centauri: Alien Crossfire, for which Brian Reynolds was lead designer. You will see additional traces and head nods to the late Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park; the late James Clavell, author of the The Asian Saga, the most famous installment of which was probably Shōgun; author David Brinn, who penned The Postman in 1985; the present-day TNT television series The Last Ship; Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and its sequel; the book Cold War Hot, ed. Peter G. Tsouras; Jon F. Zeigler's GURPS Alpha Centauri book; the 1998 Blizzard computer game StarCraft and its many derivative and companion works; the Fallout series of computer games; the short-lived NBC drama Kings; Christopher Nolen's 2010 movie, Inception; and many others.

The Tribe faction, along with the characters of "Pete" Landers and John Baptist Keller (here, Jean-Baptiste Keller) are the original creations of an individual with the screen name "Thorn" on another forum.
letsplayThe Tree Hugger - SMACX AI Growth mod version 1.52
Posted by: bvanevery, September 26, 2021, 05:23:48 AM
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The Tree Hugger
a Planet drama starring

Lady Deirdre Skye - ecologist
CEO Nwabudike Morgan - capitalist
Foreman Domai - socialist
Aki Zeta-5 - cyberneticist
H'minee, Marr - Alien menaces
Cha Dawn - slick cult leader

I am the Sequoia
I am the Sequoia
hotPetek is My Hero
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 26, 2021, 03:21:25 PM
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Many of you have not had the Advantage of acquaintance with the serene Petek, God Of All SMACX Installation Troubleshooting.  For this, I pity you.

On November 19, 2011, amidst a call elsewhere for reduced conflict, I posted:

I just want to mention that Petek is a model we all ought to emulate. Never any drama, to my knowledge.

He goes everywhere AC and helps people everywhere he goes. He is my hero. 👍

-Perhaps those of you who know him will relate Petek Awesomeness stories, or at least just announce how strongly you agree that He Is Great.
newsSoren's New Game
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 24, 2021, 09:13:15 PM
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Somebody go unpack that for us.  Solver's a little excited...
letsplayAAR: The Spartan Federation - Will to Power
Posted by: lolada, August 29, 2020, 11:31:29 AM
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The Spartan Federation – New beginnings

Hello, welcome to my new AAR. This time we are playing as Santiago and The Spartan Federation. This game is played with Will to Power mod on v. 117. There were quite a few changes since my last AAR that was played on v. 43 ( so i expect to see quite a few new things. Gonna make this one simpler and shorter – and hopefully fun as well. I am playing mostly blind, I read some change logs, but didn't play a game in a while.

The game is on Transcend difficulty, random small map with standard vanilla AC2 factions. Spartans have morale and police bonus, both very important in WTP. The mod has units starting with very green morale and morale upgrades are generally harder to acquire. There are also more techs so free prototyping is better bonus than in vanilla.

Sparta Command

Sparta Command module successfully landed after the Unity spaceship orbital disaster. There was no time for choosing the perfect location, but navigators managed to hit the land and what looked to be nearby radioactive field.

Landing module is packed with extra colony pod and two formers that will help initial colonists. First task of the trained Spartans is to scout the surrounding of the new world. There's no telling what could be found – Earth's technology could not scan the plan and due to unfortunate circumstances there was no time to get planet scans from Unity.

Sparta has the good rainy river field nearby where colonist can gather food and start power supply. Colony pod is moved to radioactive field to establish new outpost base – Santiago immediately wanted to get the foothold there as radioactive materials meant one thing – powerful weaponry!

As soon as they left the base Scouts find mysterious artifact. It seems to be definitely artificial, almost like some kind of alien technology tightly packed in its strange case. There doesn't seem to be obvious way to open or use the thing. Santiago orders the scientist to lock the thing until they are sure its not some kind of Trojan package. Scouting continues – from now on Scouts are on high alert due to possible contacts with alien races.

First contact

And it happens soon after. Scouts found Unity pod that should have contained useful equipment of some kind, but instead they were attacked!

Some kind of alien creature launched weird projectiles from nearby slime field. Scout retaliated in killed the creature in fire fight – good that Spartans put the highest emphasis on military trainings. They are survivalist after all. Spartans also notice that earth bases and machines seem to attract alien creatures, new attacks are to be expected.

Scout rovers

Sparta Command trained new scout defender to bolster its defenses and started working on mobile Scout rover. The technology and design were preserved from Unity as a symbol of faction strength.

Formers finished the farm on nearby hill field, but it doesn't appear to significantly improve food yield. A small setback, it looks like this planet, now called Chiron, works a bit differently than earth. Not  a total surprise.. there's more to learn about new planet's climate.

Fort Survivalist base is settled on the coast in nearby radioactive field. It appears to be mostly Uranium; the area will be great energy source. Fort was established on the coast of what seems to be large ocean. It was a strategic decision as Sparta Command does not have immediate ocean access. Another factor was unknown surroundings as colony pod was unprotected and alien creatures seem to be abundant.

Technology development

In M.Y. 2106. new bases were finally settled sufficiently to be able to organize first serious science and engineering projects. Spartans focused on their strength, putting the money into science of weaponry.

Scouts uncover a new Unity colony pod – this one contained comm link to Sister Miriam of the Believers. Santiago contacts Miriam and she starts her long introduction and turns it into scripture babble at which moment Santiago interrupts her and cuts to the real deals. Believers might be misguided, but they are certainly crafty and capable people and Santiago uses the opportunity to trade for their Recreation Commons facilities. It was fitting in a kind as religious people tend to care and comfort the weak, they already found a good way to turn claustrophobic bases on alien planets into more habitable surroundings.

Santiago was not really that interested in comfort, but soldiers need to get some rest after hard trainings and there are civilians out there also – one cannot function otherwise. Miriam also wanted to trade her maps.

Believers were situated to the east on almost certainly small continent. Santiago started to believe Chiron is actually mostly ocean world, land near Sparta looks to be completely cut off by the ocean from the north side and the base located in the southern hemisphere. Another interesting feature of the maps were two large alien monolith structures.

In following years Spartans develop three important technologies. New Laser weaponry in 2109, Particle Weapons in 2113 and Biology Labs in 2119. This chain of event boosted their understanding of alien planet and creatures and created foundations for strong military faction.

Chironquake !?

An unusual disturbing earthquake turns out to be quite convenient to Spartans. When scouts activated unity pod in the east something triggered the earthquake and land significantly rose in short period of time. There doesn't seem to be nearby volcano on the surface, though down below its safe to assume there is huge lava pool. Its also weird that earthquake coincided with Unity pod discovery in time and location, that should be unnatural, or one in a billion chance hit. It was impossible to tell. Whatever the case, Spartans got a new patch of land and their continent was now significantly larger than what Believers had.

Sparta Command retools its production to Colony pod, there doesn't seem to be great use for scout rover at current time due to terrain configuration. Scouts can handle defense for now.

Chiarman Yang and The Hive

Santiago contacts The Hive leader Chairman Yang via new comm link found from Unity pod. Chairman is mostly unpleasant person to deal with. He was not interested in small talk as he already looked to be in conflict with Deirdre and the Gaians as he requested that we join him in the fight against them. Then he asked for Laser weaponry technology – which Santiago flatly refused.

Santiago thought of Yang as madman and there was no way that she would supply him with arms to crush the Gaians. Then Yang of course was not interested in providing Gaians comm link frequencies back; he would for weaponry, but that was out of question. A tough start with The Hive, he is certainly not a friend. Miriam proved to be much more pleasant to deal with and Santiago turns to her again.

Doctrine: Flexibility

Miriam was in good mood, she liked Spartan's weapons. Believers put the god on first place, weapons in second; Santiago respected them for that at least somewhat, even if they mixed up priorities. They were dangerous to be given weapons as well, but obsolete once were acceptable and Miriam accepted the deal.

Spartans third base, Assassin's Redoubt, proceeded to build first Spartan's gunship on Chiron. The base was settled from Chiron built colony pod in Sparta Command and settled near nutrient resources found by yet another Unity pod.

Unity pods proved to be quite helpful so far and more seem to be in surrounding oceans. They also turned out to be dangerous as they attracted aliens. Spartans had a few more alien clashes including first real casualties on one occasion. Slime terrain, named fungus now, was amplifying alien powers, something to care about in the future.

It was on location of Assassin's Redoubt where alien creatures drew the first blood, but that sacrifice helped secure the location for new settlement.

xxMoney and the Will to Power: A Game of Economic Imperialism [PBEM]
Posted by: Tayta Malikai, June 29, 2020, 10:05:06 AM
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The Will to Power is a new mod to emerge from the recent upswing in modding activity for SMAC, itself an offshoot of the revolutionary Thinker Mod. While these two mods might have their differences, both have incorporated and built off each other’s features, and it’s very encouraging to see new innovations being made for this venerable game. I certainly look forward to seeing what else modders come up with in the years ahead.

While Thinker focuses on improving AI and providing configuration options, Will to Power makes an effort to completely rework the game in order to patch exploits and finally bring about True BalanceTM on Alpha Centauri. Among its many changes, and likely the most significant, is that combat is now weighted more strongly in favour of the defender, with huge bonuses to base defense and fighting on one’s own territory. Any war between factions is destined to be a protracted, drawn-out affair, defined by attrition and won atop a hill of mangled corpses and broken rovers.

So of course, we’re going to completely ignore all of that and instead wage war using purely economic means.

For as we all know, money is power…

This is a PBEM game played between myself and Nevill, using version 69 66 of the Will to Power mod. The exact rules have yet to be fully determined, since we were keen to get the game off the ground while it was the weekend and we could squeeze a good number of turns in, but essentially they amount to:
  • Don’t attack the AI, and definitely don’t capture their bases. Self-defence is, of course, permitted.
  • Don’t attack each other’s core territory, the exact extent of which will be subject to negotiation and the facts on the ground.

Game Settings
Difficulty: Transcend.
Map: Standard, Random.

Tayta: Peacekeeping Forces. ;lal;
Code: [Select]
Starting tech: Applied Physics.
+1 talent per 4 citizens
+2 standard population limit
x2 votes in Planetary Council elections
Pro-Democratic, Anti-Police State.

Nevill: Gaia’s Stepdaughters. ;deidre;
Code: [Select]
Starting tech: Centauri Ecology.
+1 nutrients from fungus
Pro-Green, Anti-Free Market.

Two peace-loving factions going head-to-head. Who will prevail in this contest of economic might? Find out as the game unfolds!

* Chiron News Network

Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 27, 2023, 06:47:00 PM
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xxUltimate Faction Pack
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 27, 2023, 06:47:00 PM
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Ultimate Faction Pack

A huge collection of fan-made custom factions, painstakingly curated and fixed up to actually work by Ete.

-May take more than one try to download because of the size of the 7zip file, but worth it.  Keep trying - there's loads of gold in there.;sa=view;down=381
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 24, 2023, 07:49:01 PM
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modsSMACivilization - A CivII graphic retrofit project on the SMAX engine
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 24, 2023, 07:49:01 PM
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-The idea being to make SMAX look as much as possible like CivII.  Gameplay is already similar, if somewhat more advanced in SMAX.

-More at the link:
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 16, 2023, 12:38:16 PM
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InfomationWPC Quits
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 16, 2023, 12:38:16 PM
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WPC has been down for several months - Solver indicates that there was a tech error.  He also hints that if/when he gets around to fixing it, it will be an archive.

The management requests that anyone in touch with Solver join in nagging him to hurry up that fixing - a very large quantity of excellent SMACX and other content is at stake.
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, July 15, 2022, 01:47:52 PM
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InfomationCFC down for upgrade
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, July 15, 2022, 01:47:52 PM
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The CFC forums will be taken down this Friday (15th July) morning (9 AM London time) for a forum upgrade. We expect to be back up sometime on Saturday (16th) in the afternoon or evening. Updates can be found on the CFC front page while the forum is down. Please check this thread in Site Feedback for information and updates!
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, April 26, 2021, 05:34:28 PM
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movedMOVED: SMAC Fac Pack
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By request, this topic has been moved to Modding.
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scenarioThe Planet Rising - May2014 GotM scenario for the Pirates
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 24, 2021, 04:05:33 AM
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The Planet Rising

In the year 2101, six factions left the damaged hull of UNS Unity and made Planetfall. Colonel Santiago, Lady Skye, Provost Zakharov, Brother Lal, Chairman Yang, and finally – you, Captain Svensgaard – led their people onto this alien world. The Gaians proved to be the luckiest and landed in a rich jungle, which helped them rapidly expand throughout the main continent. You remained in touch with Santiago, as you two had forged some rapport onboard Unity. However, the fate of the rest is still a mystery. It remains to be seen if they are dead or thrive in some secluded areas.

You found a safe bay at the base of a dormant volcano called the Mount of Planet. After a while, in order to contain the Gaian expansion, you decided to send colonists onto the mainland. After founding the Outpost and New Hope, you managed to establish mining operations on a range of hills, deeper in the continent. Things were going well for a while.

But then, something… happened. Nobody knows for sure what. Some say the Gaians awoke some kind of force among the ancient Ruins. Others, that the will of Planet itself manifested in a physical form. Perhaps the strangest rumors talk about a young boy who got lost in fungus and miraculously developed new powers. But whatever it was, it brought havoc to human settlements. Gaian bases, one by one, succumbed to hordes of mind worms, beyond doubt controlled by some wicked intellect. Gaian citizens were forced into submission, while Lady Skye herself, humiliated, swore obedience to her new master – self-proclaimed Prophet Cha Dawn, leader of the Cult of Planet. Now she is the head of a puppet government, a fraction of her former glory.

Soon, yours and Spartans’ bases were quickly conquered as well. Despite heroic sacrifices of your people, they simply could not stand against ferocious attacks of countless mind worms. As the Spartans faced complete obliteration, you used your transport ship to evacuate some of their colonists to a small island to the North East. Colonel Santiago refused to come onboard the ship, but was grateful enough to sign a pact of cooperation with you.

Shortly, waves of attackers reached the Outpost, your last settlement on the mainland. In order to evacuate the civilians, you have dispatched a transport to the base, loaded with your best soldiers, the Shock Platoon. They reinforced the garrison and saved so many people that you cannot possibly evacuate all of them. You need to choose whom to save…

Your mission is to evacuate, find some territory to settle and rebuild your power, and then to reclaim Chiron for humanity. You’ll be damned if you surrender to some disgusting bugs, even if it means fighting the Planet itself.


It is 2106 and you play the Pirates. The main continent is overrun by the mind worms controlled by Cha Dawn. He is very powerful and remains a serious threat even when you leave the mainland, so consider yourself warned.

You start pacted with Santiago, but it is not a permanent pact, unlike the vendetta with Cha Dawn and Deirdre.

Your mission is first to survive, then to conquer Cha Dawn’s HQ. This is the only objective in the scenario.

You start with a battleship, 8-3-6, but you have no technology for the components. Do not play any tricks to pull reverse engineering on it (although I’m not aware of such a thing).

There is no Planetary Council. Nobody has the time for ballots and politics when the entire mission is compromised and the humanity itself is on the verge of extinction.

Raising and lowering terrain is impossible.

Other standard rules apply – no reverse engineering, crawler upgrade, bug abuse, etc.

Other settings:

large map
victory conditions: conquest only
Spoils of War and Do or Die off
Supply pods and random events on
Direct research, normal tech rate.

I provided this scenario in three different versions:

1) Light – for casual game, after evacuation you should get some peace for a while. Cha Dawn has no Projects and only a few IoDs.
2) Normal – quite a difficult version in itself. Cha Dawn has 2 Planet-related Projects and many units to keep you on your toes from the early turns.
3) Hard – look, some people just get off of pain and who are we to judge? Download this version if you’ve been naughty and deserve punishment. Cha Dawn has 5 Planet-related Projects and a horde of units to make your life miserable.

This is my first scenario, so feedback will be appreciated a lot!

Enjoy the game!;sa=view;down=380
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 24, 2021, 02:02:57 AM
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scenarioSMAX Scenario: Odyssey
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 24, 2021, 02:02:57 AM
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SMAX Scenario: Odyssey
by Darsnan, August 4, 2013


1) In your Scenarios subdirectory create a folder called "Odyssey", and download and unzip the “Odyssey” files into it.

2) Start up SMAX, then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and then go to the subdirectory "Odyssey" and choose the scenario. The game will automatically load with the Peace Keepers.




Other than hosting a small scientific outpost, the Morgrath solar system has been an unassuming backwater in the human confederation of planets. But recently a nearby anomaly called the Vemushan Artifact, an immense ice crystal cloud of indeterminate origin, has inexplicably started moving towards the Morgrath solar system and its one inhabited planet, Crete. After analyzing the density of the Vemushan Artifact and calculating its trajectory, the resident University outpost anticipates the planet Crete will be bombarded by enough water condensate from the Artifact to completely engulf all landmasses on the planet.

At the behest of the University, the Peace Keepers have dispatched a spaceship to coordinate the evacuation of Crete.




Your parents, citizens of the city New Ithika on the planet Crete, decided to honor their ancestors by naming their offspring after the heroes of ancient Greece, and so it came to pass that you were given the name Odysseus. You had never given this unusual naming ritual a second thought until the events of the last few days had unfolded: because of your position in the planetary government you had been tasked with being the liaison between the Crete planetary government and the U.N. Relocation mission headed by the spaceship Argos. After boarding the Argos to coordinate the planetary evacuation effort, the spaceship was attacked by a nannite-based weapon, disabling the spaceship and forcing it to crash-land onto the far side of Crete. During the descent to the planet the escape pods were ejected, haphazardly crashlanding on a remote coast on the farside of the planet.

Now, after taking nominal command of the surviving forces, you turn from your battleship's helm and stare out across the sea to the distant horizon. Somewhere out there is your home, and your family, both in mortal danger from the coming apocalypse. But there is one small, desperate hope at rescue remaining: the con from the Argos is still broadcasting. If that element of the ship survived, then perhaps other pieces of the ship survived re-entry, as well. You must gather the surviving elements of the expedition, locate the Argos and determine if the Stasis Chamber and Booster Rocket can be salvaged from the wreckage. It is a longshot at rescue, but with the remnants of the Argos crew looking to you for rescue you must lead and undertake a journey of epic proportions across the surface of your planet to the one functional spaceport – a journey, which if you survive, will truly be an odyssey rivaling that of yor!

Overwhelmed by the moment you shout out to the sea "I am Odysseus, and I will see my homeland again!".


Your Communications officers have homed in on the location of the Argos con (it is in the lower left hand corner of the map). Now you must gather your forces and salvage whatever artifacts you can from the Argos wreckage.




The object of the game is to get the Stasis Chamber and Booster Rocket to the DRACa at the spaceport. As such here are the rules for the game:

1. If the spaceport is destroyed, you lose the game.

2. If the DRACa (Drop Re-entry Assault Carrier - armored) is destroyed, you lose the game (Warning: there are no facilities on this planet to repair the DRACa).

3. If your Faction is eliminated, you lose the game.

4. If the Stasis Chamber or Booster Rocket are destroyed, you lose the game.

5. You cannot break your Pact with the University in order to teleport your units home.

6. You cannot build a city on top of the spaceport to protect it.


Other than that, enjoy the game!



I would like to thank wgabrie for providing the textures for the game - I have always loved his texture update!


If anyone would like to re-host this scenario at the other SMACX sites, please feel free to do so. I only ask that credit be given to myself, and wgabrie for the graphics.





The following are some (but not all) of the changes to the alphax.txt file:




- Max Artillery Range is now 4.

- Combat % -> intrinsic base defense now at 40%

- Combat in range of friendly sensor has been increased to 30%



- Ocean squares yield 1/1/1.

- Monoliths give 2/3/2

- Boreholes induce -2 nutrients: simulates the horrendous working conditions the laborers have to endure down in the holes.



- Needlejet movement has been reduced to 6.

- Copter movement has been reduced to 4.



- most weapon values have been reduced by one.



- most armor values have been increased by one.



There are 44 units in the alphax.txt for this game. Because this is a themed scenario, I would recommend not viewing these beforehand.



To simulate a different environment than that of SMACX I've renamed some of the Centauri-specific facilities.



There has been heavy modification to the factions involved in this game. One item is that all factions have been given the ability to capture native units.;sa=view;down=379
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 24, 2021, 01:44:19 AM
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scenarioSMAX Scenario: Hammertime!
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, January 24, 2021, 01:44:19 AM
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SMAX Scenario: Hammertime!
by Darsnan, July 20, 2014 WPC


Location: Dynesian Low Grav Training facility, Greater Pol Sphere


Background: with a gravity of only 0.623 standard and little atmosphere, the Dynesian Low Grav facility is considered one of the best training facilities for low gravity warfare in human space.



Episode 1: Ambushed!


As they walked across the dusty planetoid surface, Brevit-Commander Antonio Al Mudeh realized the visiting Morganite dignitary had said something and was now awaiting a response. "Yes Councilor", Al Mudeh offered, "it is very typical of our organization that we form our new units with a mixture of old hands and new recruits."

"But how can you guarantee their integrity in battle?", the dignitary, Councilor Leonidas, responded, getting quickly to the point, "You have nothing to back your claim as to how they will perform as a unit under the rigors of an actual combat situation". Leonidas stopped and turned to face Al Mudeh in order to highlight his point, "you understand, we are not in the habit of hiring 'show battalions' . The units we contract with will be expected to go and fight where we tell them to, and under extreme and varied environments. A physical unit with a proven record of working together in such environments would be viewed much more favorably than a group of soldiers just picked up off the streets". Leonidas turned and resumed walking, inviting Al Mudeh to respond.

Al Mudeh had enough experience with civilians to understand that the conversation was now more about the contract, and the price he could get for his brigade of troops, than the surface insult which had been directed at him. He turned and walked with Leonidas, "Oh, I agree Councilor, units with experience should be able command more for their services” Al Mudeh paused to emphasize his point, before continuing, “for instance, The Legion deserves every credit their outfit earns: they’ve drawn some of the worst assignments on record, and have come out with a stellar record.” Al Mudeh’s oblique point as to how much it would cost to hire The Legion’s services made, he redirected the conversation, “However the contract you submitted to my organization specifically stated that it would involve deployment to a low gravity environment, and my unit was assembled specifically with that request in mind”. Al Mudeh motioned to the units displayed before them in parade formation, their combat armor in Garrison mode, “All these troopers have experience in low grav combat”. Al Mudeh continued, pointing to the armored chest on one of the Infantrymen before them, “and one of the methods we use to build cohesion within our units is to allow soldiers to wear citations they’ve earned in previous operations”.

Leonidas studied the citations on the trooper’s chest. One emblem caught his attention, “I’ve seen that before – what is that?”

“That citation was for the defense of New Stalingrad”, Al Mudeh answered, hoping Leonidas would pick up on the fact Al Mudeh had taken the time as commander to know each of his soldiers and their backgrounds.

“Oh really”, Leonidas responded, “I heard at one point in the battle they used dead combat troopers to fortify their foxholes – the frozen corpses were enough to stop railgun rounds”. Leonidas turned his attention to the trooper before him, “Is this true?”

There was a slight pause from the trooper, the eyes lost focus for a second and a far away look passed over her face, as if she relived the ghosts of those moments one more time, before the steel of the combat veteran returned, “Yes sir, that was true”.

Leonidas nodded. His question answered, he resumed walking down the line of soldiers, “and what about you, Commander? You seem a little young to be commanding a Brigade of combat troops”.

Al Mudeh resisted stating that all his officers’ dossiers were provided to Leonidas as part of the contract proposal. “I graduated as an officer candidate out of the Variable G Warfare School on Neumar”.

“Ah, always wanted to lead drop troopers, eh?”

Al Mudeh nodded, “I’ve made fifteen orbital assaults since then, ten at the company level leading combat troops. I was then promoted to battalion HQ”. Al Mudeh paused to let Leonidas consider this, before continuing, “on the last drop my HQ was wiped out and I assumed command of the battalion”.

“Ah yes, the Darneth Affair. You weren’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer there, were you?”

So Leonidas had at least glanced at Al Mudeh’s dossier! “In a low gravity environment speed and mobility are paramount. I took advantage of this more so than my adversaries”.

“If I recall correctly you achieved the objective by leading the survivors of your drop and systematically eliminating the other assault forces”.

Al Mudeh shrugged, “When the other assault forces weren’t trying to secure the objective, they were too busy trying to attack me where I had been, and not where I would be. This made them predictable in their movements”.

“Some might say your adversaries merely underestimated your ragtag group”.

Now it was Al Mudeh’s turn to smile, “Would you underestimate me, Councilor?”

Deciding this was not going to be a profitable approach to the conversation, Leonidas took a different tack, “as you had stated earlier, our contract involves a low gravity environment. It also involves the defense of a specific objective, which your troops would be assigned to protect against any incursions onto the planetoid surface”.

“A garrison assignment?”, Al Mudeh asked skeptically, “and you feel you need an entire brigade to protect this facility?”

“Let’s just say the issue of ownership of this facility may come into question during your assignment”, Leonidas responded, before continuing, “thus we have brought you here to our corporation's training facility”.

Al Mudeh nodded, “you want to assess our capabilities under a similar environment”.

“Yes”, Leonidas agreed, “you say that your soldiers have experience in low gravity environments, and you say that your unit can fight cohesively in this environment, but you have no proof of this" Leonidas paused, before continuing, "what my corporation intends to ascertain is whether your claims are factual or not". Leonidas took a step back and made a flourish with his arm, "and thus today's demonstration".

Al Mudeh studied Leonidas for a second. The man had gone passive, a faint smile tugging at the sides of his mouth. "I'm not following".

"When your brigade arrived we had them armed with simulators".

"Yes - you claimed you wanted a demonstration in marksmanship. We are ready to begin whenever you wish".

A new voice piped in over Al Mudeh's command channel, "Sir, tracking multiple bogeys approaching from the north".

Al Mudeh's eyes narrowed as he continued to scrutinize Leonidas: the man remained passive, however the smile on the corners of his lips seemed slightly more pronounced, as if the man was enjoying a private joke. Understanding swept over Al Mudeh - this was the "demonstration"! He snapped into command mode, "All units attack plan Delta", Al Mudeh took a second to assess the map data his combat suit's HUD was feeding him, then "Infantry, bearing West North West, Armor bearing West!"

The units before him responded: almost as one the combat armor of the individual soldiers went from garrison mode to field deployment, their combat suits' choosing the camouflage patterns best suited for the surrounding barren terrain. Infantry began deploying forward in skirmisher mode, while the turrets of the mobile artillery began slewing towards the danger, their tracked vehicles then beginning to follow the infantry.

The armor, the last to respond, moved slowly out from the surrounding garrison area. "Your not going to have your armor engage the threat?", Leonidas asked?

"Its overkill", Al Mudeh responded, pointing for emphasis to his receding infantry who were already approaching the near horizon of the planetoid, "in the low grav environment infantry can cover significant ground, and with the artillery support they are more than comparable to a battalion of hovertanks".

Al Mudeh's command com squawked to life again, "Commander, we are tracking incoming long range artillery".

Al Mudeh turned a quizzical eye to Leonidas, "how are you simulating an artillery strike?", he demanded.

Leonidas was taken aback, the smile fading from his face to be replaced by a puzzled frown, "I.... I don't know", the Councilor responded, "no one said anything about an artillery simulation".

Again Al Mudeh's eyes narrowed as he assessed things, "come with me" he said to Leonidas, and for emphasis he grabbed the collar of the Councilor's environmental suit and began dragging him towards the nearest bunker. Simultaneously Al Mudeh barked into this command com, "Trajectory?"

"Sir, projectiles just clearing the horizon now". A slight pause, then "Parabolic calculated: they are targeting your position. Repeat: HQ targeted!".

Al Mudeh reached the bunker and pulled Leonidas in behind him, and they hunkered down and waited. The final few seconds ticked off as the incoming rounds, bound by Newtonian physics, descended towards their position, and only at the last did the rounds become audible, screaming in through the thin atmosphere and detonating on their position.

The concussions shook the bunker, knocking Leonidas to the ground. Al Mudeh rode through the reverberations, his attention completely on his command channel, "Report", he demanded as the last of the detonations subsided.

"Minor injuries", the reply came, "they were targeting the parade ground - good call moving the unit out".

Al Mudeh ignored the compliment, "Belay the Infantry orders - tell them to skirmish Zebra. Repeat: Skirmish Zebra"

"Skirmish Zebra - acknowledged", then, more urgently, "Sir, more artillery being tracked. Same trajectory".

Al Mudeh turned to Leonidas. His eyes had narrowed again, but now there was a look of complete rage on the commander's face, "I have my soldiers moving towards what they believe is a simulated engagement", he paused in order to add emphasis, "but this is a trap, isn't it, Councilor?"

Leonidas, still on the ground from the last aftershock, looked up at the enraged commander, "I have no idea what you are talking about", he began, "its true that we wanted to see how you would respond to a surprise attack, but that was all it was intended to be - a simulated attack!". Leonidas cringed as Al Mudeh then took another step towards him in response, looming threateningly over him, "If any of your soldiers are killed, we will of course compensate you accordingly!" , Leonidas said almost pleadingly.

Al Mudeh's contempt reached its limit, "Morganite!" he spat contemptuously at the prostrate man before him. Then, regaining his control, he pulled a data pad from his combat armor, "then you will have no issues signing the contract". Al Mudeh proferred the tablet to Leonidas, "this will allow me to switch my men to live fire mode and protect themselves".

" I don't have the authority to sign this!", Leonidas protested.

"Then we are all going to die, Councilor", Al Mudeh responded. The second volley of incoming artillery rounds reached their target and began detonating on the parade grounds outside, nearer this time. The concussions again rocked the bunker, adding emphasis to Al Mudeh's words. The Councilor, just barely recovering from the first round of explosions, was again tossed around from the reverberations. He noted Al Mudeh rode through the concussions and remained standing - no doubt a product of the man's training in variable gravity warfare.

The command com came to life again, "Incoming rounds clearing the horizon, this time in force", the man responded, before adding, "they've bracketed us".

As the last of the previous round of concussions subsided Leonidas looked up at Al Mudeh. The command com was still open, and in the background the screams and moans of the injured could be heard. Al Mudeh stared back at Leonidas, the tablet still profered. Leonidas locked eyes with Al Mudeh for a second, and knew it was a mistake. Gone were the soft outlines from the face of the diplomat Antonio Al Mudeh, replaced by the barely controlled fury of a combat soldier. Leonidas closed his eyes and looked away, relenting. He sub vocalized a command, sending his acceptance of the contract to Al Mudeh, "its done. I've accepted the contact".

Al Mudeh waited for the electronic receipt, then reviewed Leonidas' acceptance of the contract. Once satisfied, he accessed the command com. "Joaquim".

"Yes Commander?"

"Unleash Hell".



You are Commander Anthony Al Mudeh, newly promoted commander for your mercenary organization, and your unit is currently being evaluated for employment into a low grav environment. However something has gone horribly wrong with the simulation: instead of the AIs using the simulator weapons, they are firing live ammunition! It is now up to you Commander to respond: your job is to knock out the enemy bases!



1. Destroy the initial Peace Keeper attack.

2. Immediately locate and conquer the simulator "Peace Keeper" bases.

3. Destroy all remaining AI units, to include all Hunter-Killer Satellites in near-orbit


The alphax.txt file for this game has been set up for a low grav environment, with some of the more notable modifications as follows:



- Movement rate along roads is now 4. Rationale: simulation of a low grav environment

- Max Artillery range is 6. Rationale: simulation of a low grav environment

- Max Airdrop is 15 tiles. Rationale: simulation of a low grav environment.


- all terraforming has been disabled. Rationale: this is a training simulator, so there are no terraforming tools available. If you lose a terrain enhancement at one of your bases, there is no way to replace it!


- Infantry, Speeder, and Hovertank movements have been increased by one. Rationale: simulation of a low grav environment.

- there are no choppers or aircraft. Rationale: there is negligible atmosphere on this planetoid, so aircraft cannot fly.

- there is a missile-based drone available immediately for you to build. Rationale: in a low-grav environment missiles require less lift.


- Conventional Warhead changed to 6. Rationale: scenario balancing

- the Tectonic weapon value has been changed to 7. Rationale: aesthetics


- the only unit I am going to go in-depth about here is the E-Drone Mk1. This is a reconnaissance drone designed specifically for low grav/ low atmospheric environments. The unit has a missile chassis, as well as drop pods for extended range. Also, because it is flying high above the ground, it has enhanced visibility of the surrounding terrain. The E-Drone Mk1 has limited offensive and defensive abilities: because it is a military craft, the chassis is hardened (armor value of 3-Pulse), and offensively it has a weapon value of 6, so it can put out a punch, however as with all missiles it is destroyed once it attacks.


- Recon Satellites are available with Industrial base.

- Hunter-Killer Satellites are available with Applied Physics.


- the Spartan Faction has been modified to receive a free Aerospace Complex in every base. Rationale: scenario balancing.


- no terraforming. If you lose an enhancement, its gone forever!

- Spoils of War is on.

- No native life

- no colony pods can be built

- no technology advances

- no technology trading

- no planetary council





1. In your Alpha Centauri/ Scenarios folder create a new folder called "Hammertime".

2. Download and unzip the attached files into the subdirectory.

3. Start SMAX.

4. Select "Scenario", then "Play Scenario".

5. Navigate to the "Hammertime" subdirectory and load the scenario. It will automatically start up with the Spartans.;sa=view;down=378
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scenarioSMAX Scenario "One if by Land, 2 if by Sea"
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SMAX Scenario "One if by Land, 2 if by Sea"
by Darsnan, August 24, 2014 WPC

Welcome to the SMAX Spartans Scenario "One if by Land, 2 if by Sea". History on this one is that I recently CMN'd a PBEM for Kirov and Kataphraktoi, and while playtesting the PBEM I thought to myself that this would make a great scenario. This game is the result.

Highlight of this scenario is that it uses a low grav mod in that movement values for most units have been increased by one. And the only other thing I'm going to say about that is that its a good thing that the Spartans get to use 2 military units for Police purposes!  ;cute





1) In your SMACX Scenarios subdirectory create a folder called "1 Land_2 Sea", and download and unzip the “1 Land_2 Sea” files into it.

2) Start up SMAX, then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and then go to the subdirectory "1 Land_2 Sea" and choose the scenario. The game will automatically load with the Spartans.






The alphax.txt file for this game is using a low grav mod, with a majority of the various chassis receiving +1 movement. Infantry now move 2, Speeders 3, Hovertanks 4, etc. Other notable changes are listed below:



- Max Artillery Range is 6: the AI rarely uses it, however it is "in theme" for a low grav mod in that ballistics should be able to travel further in a low gravity environment. Have fun with it!



- Ocean squares yield 1/1/1.

- Monoliths give 2/3/2



- Global Warming has been reduced significantly.



- As noted above most chassis have increased movement points.



- most defensive armor types have been increased by one.



- There are 41 units in the alphax.txt for this game. It is advised to review these units at game startup, and develop your strategies accordingly.

- Several of the base units (such as Colony Pods, Probes, Scouts) have been aquatized, meaning they have the Amphibious Pods ability.

- The 8th Faction has been replaced by my own set of units called the Sentinels.




- The Virtual World has been moved to Social Psychology. Rationale: watering down the beeline to Industrial Automation.

- The Cloudbase Academy has been moved to Monopole Magnets. Rationale: watering down MMI.



AI factions have been modified to make them more challenging.


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scenarioGaian Luck - December 2014 GotM scenario for Gaians
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Gaian Luck - December 2014 GotM scenario for Gaians


Gaian Luck

by Mart
Shortly after planetfall, you could review reports about surrounding terrain. There is abundant plant life, fertile soil, rivers and sea coast. Not only you grabbed with Deirdre more landing pods from U.N.S. Unity, but also will be able to establish a colony in a very good location.
Other mission officers could not be reached by radio. They have either equipment malfunction or they did not survive this emergency landing. While regretting loss of life, you are not that worried about getting all those wrong ideas for future of this human colony out of your way.
Just last corrections on the tabview and report will be ready for Lady Deirdre Sky. Living these past days in almost constantly moving escape pods has become unbearable to large portion of the crew. Decisions needed to be made.

This is vanila SMAC game. No SMAX expansion!

- - - = = = * * * = = = - - -

- - - = = = * * * = = = - - -
Unzip the folder "gotm-2014-gaian-luck" to the "scenarios" folder inside the game folder.
Start SMAC game, choose:
Scenario > Play scenario -> and find the folder as described above. Select "Deirdre-2101.Sc" file.

About game settings:
Standard size map.
Dense cloud cover (more rainy conditions).
Abundant planet life (mindworms).
Transcendence - the only victory condition enabled.
No restart of eliminated factions.
Random events are ON.
Librarian difficulty

How quickly can you transcend? To complete this scenario discover all technologies and complete Ascent to Transcendence Secret Project in the smallest possible number of turns.
In case of a tie, Victory Points will decide the winner.

Stockpile energy in building queue - allowed

Good 'Gaian' luck! 8);sa=view;down=376
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scenarioGOTM December 2018, Morgan's Merchant League
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Morgan's Merchant League

- - - = = = * * * * * = = = - - -

Morgan Industries, Mission Year 2150

Morgan left the meeting room and took an elevator to his apartment.

This day was particularly difficult. His analysts reported news about University of Planet starting a new Secret Project, so-called The Virtual World. They discussed for long time possible implications of Zakharov completing his new endeavor. And his effort towards The Merchant Exchange was still in danger, he did not know, how much Roze was close to completion of her Merchant Exchange project, which she started already 15 years ago. The Exchange must be in Morgan Industries! He cannot allow the main stock exchange of the Planet to be outside of his faction. And Roze, an escapee from his own corporation, the one in whom he placed so much trust and hopes for the future considering her computer systems skills, was now showing her strength. Sinder Roze won the Planetary Governor elections in 2141. He even helped her, for a good bribe, ofcourse, yet it was completely uncertain, what danger she poses in the future.

However, now it was late evening, and Morgan was very tired. He took a look around his luxurious apartment. Hmm, it could be better. As far as he knew, it was the most luxurious in the whole corporation. And actually, no other faction could afford such luxury. So it was the best apartment on Chiron, but not good enough for Nwabudike Morgan. He had better one on Earth. So here, he has to have a better one than that one on Earth.

He made a drink with Morga-Cola from the finest fruit tincture he traded with Believers. They had it from Unity Supply pods, and naturally, such luxurious Old Earth Merchandise had to find its way to Morgan Industries. He instructed his diplomats to search for such opportunities when dealing with other factions on Chiron. The drink was excellent choice, he felt, he could do something else today. Thinking about merchandise from Earth, there was something more, acquired recently, an old computer game "Patrician III." The economic game, which simulated Hanseatic League during middle ages in Europe. He could play for some time.

After several hours, Luebeck was prospering, it was the best town in the game! He was its Lord Mayor and soon Alderman of the whole Hanseatic League. Small consolation for his lost elections in 2141! Ha ha ha! Morgan laughed. He lost real elections on Alpha Centauri for Planetary Governorship and now he plays an old and outdated graphics, computer game to get even. Pathetic.

And what if he actually won on Chiron such trading merchandise "game"? Yes, that's the idea. He can give it a go for a hundred years. Morgan Industries will be the best faction in Planetary Commerce till 2250. Other aims can wait. He is going to be immortal anyway, so it will be like nothing. Pure joy for an economic tycoon like him.

Tomorrow! He will summon his economic council and seed the idea...

- - - = = = * * * * * = = = - - -

The .zip-ed files are game save files, so you can just open them in the game.
There are Transcend and Librarian difficulty versions for both vanilla (official Firaxis, GOG, PlanetaryPack, any exe mod not changing alphax.txt) or Yitzi patch, marked with [Y3_5]

Scenario Objectives
- Obtain the largest number possible of "Commerce Points" on F8 screen of AC Score in the MY 2250.
- You cannot win the game by that time by any other Victory condition, you must also prevent any AI from achieving any victory.;sa=view;down=375
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scenarioGOTM March 2019, Exiles: Miriam's Vengeance SMAC
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SMAC game. Remember, this is SMAC game!  ;miriam;

Southern Chiron hemisphere, Somewhere..., Mission Year 2190

Mission Year 2190, Day 1.

Miriam Godwinson took a deep breath. Since the landing yesterday, she got some 3 hours sleep. She was needed to make crucial decisions and did not want to leave them for her lieutenants. The air in the cabin of an escape pod was stale, but at least, one could breathe without a mask.

The pod landed on a wide beach deep in unexplored territory in the southern hemisphere. They only knew about this terrain what was visible to the line of horizon. The landing itself must have been overseen by God, since all pods, that managed to start from the last Believer's base, successfully flew over the ocean and barely on fuel fumes "drifted" over water to the first land they could find. Yes, it was a day yesterday...

* * *

Mission Year 2190, Day 0.

A plasma sentinel soldier rushed in to their local base command center in The Glory of God, the last base, that was still not conquered by Hiverian and University forces.
"We need to go now, Sister! NOW!" He was clearly desperate to convince them to leave the building immediately. Miriam looked towards Lt. Camia.
"All documents destroyed" Camia replied turning away from the shredder machine.
Miriam pointed to the main command computer.
"Soldier, destroy this."
"Yes, Sister, right away" he took a gun rifle from his shoulder.
"With explosive rounds" Miriam said.
The soldier shoot two longer rounds across the device. They could hear loud clanking sounds and sand-like sounds of electronics being torn to pieces.

They run out of the building. The smoke from flames of burning base facilities to the west was filling large part of the air. Somewhere to the south there was a large storage area warehouse, where they prepared some of the escape pods exactly for this occasion. It was the closest.
Miriam running turned on her inter-com.
"Miriam here. Commander Cassian, are you there?"
"This is Cassian. Where are you now?"
"We left command center... We are running south."
"You have the warehouse pods the closest to you, as we planned. There are three. I put more fuel in the largest one, Sister. Take the largest."

A minute later they reached storage field entrance. There it was, the largest pod.

Far in the distance to the east, she could see two Hiverian rovers rolling over a hill, behind base outskirts. Camia and the soldier were running towards the largest pod.
"No" Miriam shouted "take this one." She pointed towards the smaller pod, but closer to them. They reached it in several seconds and entered the pod. It already had a crew and they helped them to the seats.

Pilot was watching surroundings on a monitor. Camera was showing some shadowy figures running from the northern end of the storage field. They seemed to be hiding when running behind patches of smoke, so they could approached unnoticed, but it was in vain. University Commandos!
"Take them out" Miriam ordered.
"We will manage to start before they reach us, Sister" the pilot answered. "The other pods can deal with them."

A very loud explosion suddenly rocked their pod. A missile salvo from a rover on the hills has hit the largest pod. The pilot pulled the start lever and sudden g-force pushed them into the seats strongly. Yes, it was God's doing. If they got to that largest pod, they all would be dead now.

* * *

Mission Year 2190, Day 1.

Miriam walked towards a pod, where Commander Cassian established their present command center. Twelve pods started from The Glory of God base and twelve landed here on this shore successfully. She took a binocular and scanned horizon. To the west she could see rocky hills and some mountains behind them. To the east there were fungal fields. And to the south there was flat terrain covered with occasional patches of green Chiron grass.

They had no big choice where to establish a new base, but this was not that bad place. She was sure, no Hive or University unit could reach them here for long time. They had time to rebuild.

- - - = = = * * * * * = = = - - -

The attached is folder of the GOTM with scenario (.sc file) file and two txt files, that provide additional info.
- Unzip the compressed GOTM to your scenario folder.
- Start scenario from the .sc file in the folder.

THIS IS SMAC game. Vanilla, not expansion. Important info, so that you do not load the game in expansion game.
The game can be played with official game executable (PP, GOG, etc.) or patches, that do not change alpha.txt rules. Yitzi installation would work also in SMAC.

Scenario Objectives
Achieve listed below in smallest possible number of turns.
- Retake New Jerusalem. The original base must exist in order to qualify for victory.
- Eliminate both Hive and University factions.
- You or any AI can NOT achieve any other victory condition before the above.;sa=view;down=374
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xxSMAX scenario: Sid and Brian (aka the "Easter Eggs game")
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SMAX scenario: Sid and Brian (aka the "Easter Eggs game")
By Darsnan at WPC

A couple months ago a player named slaughterfish had mentioned that he had been playing around with one of the hidden Firaxian factions that comes with SMACX, and it got me to thinking that no one had ever made a scenario with these hidden factions, so once I got the opportunity I thought I'd whip up a scenario with them in it, and here it is! These two hidden Firaxian Factions are also referred to as "Easter Eggs", which got me to thinking that I'd include some of the other Easter Eggs which come with SMACX. So in this game you will also find the following:

- the original default cvr image of the mindworms

- the original default cvr image of the alien artifact

- the image I believe was designed to represent a skybase

- the natural landmark called "Nessus Canyon"


I've modified the "Sid" and "Brian" factions to make them playable by removing the free "Superstring Theory" technology and replacing it with "Industrial Base". Otherwise these factions are exactly the way they came with the game.



1) In your "scenarios" subdirectory create a folder called "S and B", and download and unzip the attached files into it.

2) Start up Alien Crossfire, then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and then

select the scenario "S and B". The game is set up to allow you to choose your own difficulty level, and then you can choose to play either Sid or Brian.


Hope you enjoy! 8)

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xxWinter Solstice 2018: The Tenth Manifold
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By Darsnan

In honor of Chaos Theory: RIP my old friend - you are not forgotten! I hope you look down upon this, and that it makes you smile.

In Defense of All that is Holy!
In response to Devine direction from the Protector High Priest, the Progenitor Faithful activated Manifold Ten, and then awaited word from their brethren across the cosmos and how their corresponding Manifolds had fared in their attempt to contact the Devine Creator. However days then dragged into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, and still no contact from their far-flung Progenitor brethren. Finally the Protector ordered the People into stasis, to await the day of the reawakening of the Progenitor people. The Protector himself would assume the throne of the Manifold Ten and stand guard over the people while they slept the eons away.

Protector Jaa'hroooon settled himself into the Prayer Seat located within the Great Communal Hall and sent a command to Manifold Ten to envelope the throne room in a partial stasis field. Within the bubble of slowed time Jaa'hroooon used the powers of the Manifold to project his senses out amongst the stars, searching for any sign of his People's return. Ages swept by in the blink of an eye, and as the slowed time continued to progress Jaa'hroooon watched branch after branch of the galactic arms slowly march across the sky, while individual stars dramatically flared and died, their lives spent . And still Jaa'hroooon sat upon the throne, communing with the Manifold while he patiently waited for word from his People.

And suddenly it was real-time again! Jaa'hroooon had given the Manifold orders to immediately stop the stasis if it detected an imminent threat, and it appeared that threshold had been met. Jaa'hroooon allowed his senses to be directed by the Manifold to several tiny specks of light descending through the planetoids thin atmosphere. The Manifold began correlating data and projecting images directly into Jaa'hroooon's mind, and from their descent Jaa'hroooon could tell the specks were artificial in nature. Using the Manifold's probing abilities Jaa'hroooon reached within each of the vessels to probe the minds of those that would dare intrude upon the holy ground that was Manifold Ten, and as Jaa'hroooon sifted the uncomplex minds of the heathen aliens he sensed simple, barbaric drives of greed and unfettered hatred towards his species. And Jaa'hroooon realized with a start that they knew of other Progenitors! Jaa'hroooon  looked forward to extracting knowledge from these creatures regarding the fate of his People amongst the stars, and why these primitive creatures hated Progenitor so deeply! Jaa'hroooon had sensed enough and broke contact. It was time to wake the people and prepare them for battle...


Objectives: destroy all of the alien (read: Human) invaders of Manifold 10! And extra special bonus points if Manifold 10 is still operational at the end of the game. :-)


Many thanx for wgabrie for the artwork!



1. In your scenarios subdirectory create a new subdirectory called "X", and download and unzip the attached files into it.

Start Alien Crossfire, then select Scenario, Play Scenario, and load "X". The game will then let you choose the difficulty level you wish to play.


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xxSMAX Scenario: Hey- You Kids Get Off My Planet!
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SMAX Scenario: Hey- You Kids Get Off My Planet!
By Darsnan

Foreword: Alpha Centauri was never meant to be played as the 8th Faction. As such I've had to make a lot of allowances in this game, as well issue a lot of warnings to the player: these are documented below and should be reviewed before starting the game.


A planet drifts through the void, endlessly circling its primary. Sometimes a companion star encroaches, adding its light to the circling worlds, only to slowly drift deeper into space once more. Millennia turn to eons, and eons to epochs, and still the planet continues its endless journey. Until one day one of the lesser creatures of this world encounters something that is different. The creature stalks the strange craft, and as its kind had been primordially taught to do, it attacked and captured the strange craft. Having accomplished the task its primeval drive had been programmed to do, the creature wasn’t sure how to proceed, until a voice it had never heard before but instantly recognized spoke, “bring it to Me”.

You are Eywa, all knowing, all seeing, and master of this world. As the lesser creature you had created eons ago escorted the strange craft back to you, you reach out to probe the strange minds within: at first you thought it was the return of the false prophets who had long ago claimed to be your creators, but upon closer examination these beings are different, and if anything even more primitive. As the craft nears you notice a lot of the creatures on the strange craft have succumbed to the fungus your minion used to commandeer their minds with: some you can barely recognize the outlines of their former bodies, the fungus having completely absorbed them. However one of the strange creatures seems less effected by the fungus than the others, so you sift through the creatures memories, and find they are from a world ruined by its kind’s greed and recklessness towards the cradle of their birth. You query the creature, “you would do the same to this world?”.

“Yes”, the creature’s fungus-addled brain answers honestly.

“No”, you reply, “this will not happen on My world”.

Objective: you are Eywa, and your mission is to rid Planet of the blight that is Humanity.

Game Settings

- Small Map.

- Abundant Native Lifeforms selected.

- Difficulty Level: Librarian.

- Planetary Council has been disabled due to a bug causing crashes.

- No Colony Pods or Seabases can be built.

- Intense Rivalry selected.

- Blind Research selected.

- Tech Stagnation is on.

- Game is played in Editor mode due to a graphics bug in regular mode.

Other Observations

- Cities belonging to the 8th Faction can only produce one unit, called a Wraith. Trying to change production in cities belonging to the 8th Faction crashes the game.

- Cities belonging to the 8th Faction do accrue ECs: these cannot be used to rush units, but can be used for probe actions.

- The Headquarters building will need to be disabled in your alphax.txt file, otherwise you cannot kill the defenders within cities containing Headquarters buildings (the game won't allow units to be killed). Directions on how to do this are listed below.

- A player playing as the 8th Faction cannot conquer other player's cities, and once a unit from the 8th Faction enters another player's city all adjacent 8th Faction units disappear. Workaround directions on how to a) kill other players cities, and b) how to replace your vanished units are listed below.

- Sealurks and Isles of the Deep are equipped with the Marine Detachment, meaning they can commandeer units from other Factions.

- Wraith units are amphibious, meaning they can attack from the sea.

- You can negotiate peace with the other players, for what its worth.

- Do not select the F1 - FX buttons, as this will crash the game.

Directions on how to "conquer" a city and replace units which disappeared

1. After destroying the last defender in a city take inventory of the units you have around the city, including morale level of each unit. Then invade the city with one of your units. Immediately all of your adjacent within two tiles will disappear from the map.

2. Right-click on the map and place the cursor next to the city.

3. Press Shift-F1, select "Player", then "Aliens", and choose "OK".

4. Locate the Wraith in the menu and click on that entry: a Wraith unit will appear in the cursor-marked square.

5. Invade the city with it, knocking the population down by one.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until the city disappears.

7. Using the inventory you did in step 1, right-click on the map to place the cursor where needed to replace the first disappeared units.

8. Press Shift-F1 and place the desired unit onto the selected tile.

9. Referring to the morale of the unit as noted in step 1, right-click on the unit and select "Morale": choose the corresponding morale level from the value noted in step 1.

10. Repeat steps 7-9 for all additional units which had disappeared.

Directions on how to disable the Headquarters building

1. Open a folder window, and go to the Firaxis Games/ Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri subdirectory.

2. Open the alphax.txt file using Notepad.

3. Locate the Headquarters entry, and update as follows:

Headquarters, 5, 0, Disable, Disable, Efficiency

4. Save the update.

5. Once done playing this game, to re-enable the Headquarters building make the following change:

Headquarters, 5, 0, None, Disable, Efficiency

Directions on playing the game
1. Download the attached file, unzip, and place into your .../Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri/ saves subdirectory.
2. Start Alien Crossfire, select "Load", and load HYKGOMP.SAV.
3. Game will automatically start up with the 8th Faction, and in Scenario Editor mode.;sa=view;down=371;sa=view;down=371