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This is not complete. For now only the turn order on bases is known.

Base Turn order

Note: Not all information is totally known. And a lot of steps involve recalculating the base statistics, the same way as the first step. These recalculations will not be listed every time they are performed for more information see the talk page.

  • Base statistics calculation: First is unit-based (crawler effects, support, pacifism drones), then tile-based (resources and terraforming ecodamage), then it calculates nutrients, then minerals (including mineral-based ecodamage), then energy (which ends with drones and talents calculation.)
  • Production is added to whatever it's building, and builds it if appropriate. Recalculates statistics, but not social engineering statistics. (From a wonder for example) Yitzi's patch: The result of stockpile energy is added here. Multibuild is done here.
  • AI related calculation. (specifics unknown).
  • Growth or starvation. If it starves, that ends the base turn sequence. Also checks for crawlers sending away to much nutrients. If that happens excess is stopped.
  • Disbands units if production is too low for support. Also checks for crawlers sending away to much minerals. If that happens excess is stopped.
  • Unknown step, related to energy production.
  • Gives drone riot or golden age. Ends riot or golden age. Or intensifies drone riots (destroys facility), or starts a drone revolt (base changes side).
  • Unknown step. Probably AI dealing with drone riots.
  • Stop excess energy crawling. If sending to much energy away.
  • Adds to tech progress. Creates a tech advance if possible. Excess tech above advance from this base is lost.
  • Check for fungal pop and global warming.
  • Cash reserve increased.
  • Unknown step, probably commerce.
  • Applies energy grid for aliens.
  • Maintenance gets paid, with power overload if there is not enough cash.
  • Unknown AI related step.
  • Base Assimilation and Renaming done by AI.
  • Zoom to base is possible.