The Planetary Transit System

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The Planetary Transit System
The Planetary Transit System.png
New Bases Begin At Size 3
Mineral rows 30
Maintenance 0
Requires Industrial Automation
AI priorities
Fight: 0, Mil: 0, Tech: 0, Build: 1, Colonize: 2
As distances vanish and the people can flow freely from place

to place, society will cross a psychological specific heat
boundary and enter a new state. No longer a solid or liquid,
we have become as a vapor and will expand to fill all available
space. And like a gas, we shall not be easily contained.

—Sister Miriam Godwinson,
“But for the Grace of God”

Any new bases you found begin at population size 3. One less drone at all bases of population 3 and under. Upon completion, all of your bases that are less than size 3 and have sufficient nutrient income available will immediately grow to size 3. Size one bases will grow to size two whether or not nutrients are available.