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Before I forget, A quick list of what should be done with this page:
-Editing (both proofreading and checking that what here is accurate)
-Attention to the Alien Crossfire factions (give them a sentence about them similar to the classic factions)
-On each faction page, write an introduction before the strategy guides
--Perhaps also add in a section about what to expect from a computer player
--Perhaps also add in a section about what to expect from a human player

(User:Benschwab 14:21, 13 July 2015 (UTC))

Finished the page and I'll probably won't touch it for a while. It could use somebody who is familiar with the expansion's attention. I added a faction portal to this page and each of the official faction pages. I'm done for today. When I get back on Monday I'll be working on Social Engineering.

(User:Benschwab 18:57, 10 July 2015 (UTC))

Created the page and a basic template and added some content. I intend on creating at-least some of the pages I link to that don't exist but might not do so. I'm leaving the links here in case I or somebody can create these pages to increase wiki functionality. I think I got all of the faction effects for the classic factions included as well as a brief description. I'm not sure I got the colors correct (the University has to be incorrect) and I cannot remember the order between Santiago and Miriam (by default turn order). I will add the other sections but I'm likely through for today. Anyone who wants to fill out the other sections, improve these, or write better introductions to most of the factions on their faction page should do so.

(User:Benschwab 18:45, 9 July 2015 (UTC))