String Resonance

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String Resonance
String Resonance.png
“Destroy the fundamental building blocks of the universe”
Requires Secrets of the Manifolds, Controlled Singularity
Leads to None
Weapon String Disruptor
AI priority
Conquer: 8, Discover: 0, Build: 0, Explore: 0
To understand a thing is to know the manner by which it might be destroyed. A fundamental

understanding of the basic building-blocks of the Universe is essential, then, to the total
destruction of everything.

—Foreman Domai,
“One Tool, One Thought”

Based on Secrets of the Manifolds and Controlled Singularity, String Resonance allows the manipulation of resonance fields at even the “string” level (the one-dimensional building blocks of matter). The ability to manipulate the very structure of the universe allows for awesome destructive power.