Progenitor Psych

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Progenitor Psych
Progenitor Psych.png
“The basic culture and language of the Progenitor race”
Requires None
Leads to Adaptive Economics, Field Modulation
Facility Aquafarm
AI priority
Conquer: 0, Discover: 2, Build: 3, Explore: 4
And I stood before him, and I sang unto her, and it appeared to

listen. His very countenance rippled like the sea, and the sound
of my own voice came back to me, distorted. For a moment I thought
she was mocking me, or it was non-sapient and mimicking me. Then I
understood: the sounds were not important; it was how I affected
his sounds and how she affected mine that transmitted the message.

—Prime Function Aki Zeta-Five,
“One Future”

The Progenitors, an alien race with past ties to Planet, return to reclaim their heritage. Progenitor Psych is nothing more than a simple understanding of the aliens’ culture, language, and aims. Humans cannot talk to either alien faction until they discover Progenitor Psych, or until the Progenitors discover Social Psych.