Matter Transmission

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Matter Transmission
Matter Transmission.png
“Transmit objects from one end of Planet to the other”
Requires Matter Editation, Secrets of Alpha Centauri
Leads to Temporal Mechanics
Ability Blink Displacer
Facility Psi Gate
Secret Project The Bulk Matter Transmitter
+1 mineral production in fungus
AI priority
Conquer: 1, Discover: 0, Build: 3, Explore: 2
The first living thing to go through the device was a small white

rat. I still have him, in fact. As you can see, the damage was
not so great as they say.

—Academician Prokhor Zakharov,
“See How They Run”
Matter Editation and the Secrets of Alpha Centauri point the way to one of the most celebrated concepts in science fiction—Matter Transmission. Transmitters based on this technology disassemble objects into the smallest component sub-particles, then transmits those particles and their underlying structural blueprint to a receiver. The receiver reassembles these objects according to the blueprint, recreating the original in every nuance and detail.