Long Range Fire

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Naval units, land units with Heavy Artillery, and Spore Launchers can fire up to two squares away by selecting ‘Long Range Fire’ from the ‘Action’ menu, or by pressing the 'f' hotkey. Selecting this command changes the cursor to a target symbol.

If there are enemy units in the target square those units are attacked, if there are no enemy units, then enemy terrain enhancements are attacked. If bombardment is attempted against a square containing square Naval units, Heavy Artillery, or Spore Launchers or adjacent to one; an Artillery Duel is initiated, with the attacking and defending units fighting weapon-strength to weapon-strength. Armor values are not used for Artillery Duels.

Between two land units or two naval units, artillery duels continue until one unit is destroyed between land and sea or against non-long range fire units they last only one round. Successful bombardment can damage every enemy unit in a particular square though land units can never be reduced below 50% damage by bombardment.

If a unit is bombarded it will not heal for the turn, if it is a former its terraforming will be cancelled.