Drop Pods

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Drop Pods
Allowed for Land units
Cost 2
Requires Mind/Machine Interface
Allowed for Noncombat units (excluding terraformers)
Allowed for Terraformer units
Allowed for Combat units

Drop Pods allow ground units to make air drops. A unit must begin its turn in a friendly base or airbase in order to make an airdrop.

Airdrops may be made within eight squares. With the discovery of Graviton Theory or the construction of The Space Elevator, units with Drop Pods can make orbital insertions anywhere on Planet.

Non-combat units lose all movement after an air drop or orbital insertion. Combat units may move after an airdrop, but if they attack, a 50% combat penalty applies. Airdropped units may take up to 30% damage (except when dropped into a friendly base), but will always survive the airdrop.

Desc.: Aircushion LCs