Colony Module

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Colony Module
Requires None
Attack 0
Cost 10

The Colony Module can be used to create custom Colony Pods. Units with Colony Modules can build new bases. If a Colony Module is installed on a sea-going unit, bases can be constructed at sea. A Colony Module also costs one population of the base it is built from in addition to the minerals listed. If this would cause a base to have 0 population, you are given the choice to disband the base or wait until it has reached 2 population. Colony Modules can be added to an existing base to increase the base population by one using the ‘Join Base’ command ‘B’. This operation can be used to increase the size of the base beyond the limits imposed by lack of Hab Complexes and Habitation Domes.

This module can be added to all chassis except missile.

  • Complement: 1000+
  • Composition: Prefab plastic
  • Hydroponics rating: indefinite
  • Armament: Sidearms only