Advanced Military Algorithms

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Advanced Military Algorithms
Advanced Military Algorithms.png
“Apply new tools to new kinds of warfare”
Requires Adaptive Doctrine, Optical Computers
Leads to Pre-Sentient Algorithms, Retroviral Engineering
Terraform Bunker
Ability Deep Radar, AAA Tracking
Facility Punishment Sphere
Social choice Power
Council proposal Repeal U.N. Charter, Reinstate U.N. Charter
AI priority
Conquer: 3, Discover: 0, Build: 1, Explore: 2
Man has killed man from the beginning of time, and each new frontier

has brought new ways and new places to die. Why should the future
be different?

—Colonel Corazon Santiago,
“Planet: A Survivalist’s Guide”

Military requirements have historically pushed technology forward, and no better example can be found than sophisticated software development. From the first computers, designed to calculate artillery shell trajectories, to Advanced Military Algorithms developed from Adaptive Doctrine and Optical Computers, mankind has worked to extend warfare into the digital world.