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Welcome to the Alpha Centauri wiki
your free and open source of SMAC and SMAX information

  • Installation - Guide to getting AC fully patched and running properly.
  • Unofficial patches - Download one of these to fix bugs and crashes, improve the AI, and increase modification options!
  • Modifications - Information on various sets fan changes, and guides to making your own.
  • Bugs - Alpha Centauri still has a fair few bugs lurking around, and we're tracking/collecting them.
  • Strategy - Articles on improving your play.
Help out!

Latest news - Still building, but we have lots of cool stuff

The datalinks upload was completed some months ago and Guv'ner spent a lot of time improving the entries so you'll find a lot of useful information here and no where else. I took a break, but have been back to work on this for a few days and made a good amount of progress on the custom faction archive which now has 85 custom factions with another 80+ to come. It take a lot of time uploading and checking them, especially since I'm trying to fix bugs with them as I go and prepare a pack of all the faction files for public release, but am getting there.

There's plenty of things to help with around the wiki for people of all levels of technical knowledge ad lack of it, from adding an entry or two to the faction index, through uploading your own factions, to designing a custom skin for the wiki which fits better with the forum. If you want to get involved then go ahead and edit, this wiki is publicly editable for a reason and you can't break anything permanently. As always, happy editing! --ete (talk pm) 14:16, 6 August 2013 (EDT)
Latest news - This wiki is under construction

I've been hard at play getting the rest of the datalinks up and sorting out a list of other bits and pieces which seems to grow as I do them, and progress is being made. The basic building blocks of this wiki should be all in place within the next week or two, and that's when the real fun begins. One of the things that attracted me to this project is the impressive ratio of highly skilled and interested people in the AC community, it seems like almost every active person is not just a citizen but a talent! My hope is that this wiki will become a focal point for those in the Alpha Centauri community who like to create, teach, organize, and research. And that together we'll build something brilliant.

Already several people have started helping out spontaneously, and several more with a little persuasion. BU's helped a lot by being around on IRC and encouraging me and converting a whole lot of images to .png for use on wiki, sisko for giving me the tools to make this place and putting up with me constantly asking for more tools for a while as well as helping set some tricky things up, Kilkakon for the mainpage design, and especially Testdummy653 (the wiki's first moderator!) for all his work tidying up the datalinks pages (mostly by creating innumerable redirects) and keeping me focused on fixing things. It probably won't be long before thanking all the significant contributors will no longer be practical, ah the youth of a project :D.

Anyway. Wikis are fun. You should all come and join in, whatever area of SMAXSid Meier's Alien Crossfire (Cross = X) you're particularly interested in. And come hang out on IRC, that's the best place to ask quick questions and get involved. --ete (talk pm) 17:19, 20 February 2013 (EST)

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Concepts(56 P)
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Technologies(86 P)
Facilities(48 P)
Secret Projects(38 P)
Society Effects(10 P)
Society Models(4 C)
Terraforming(26 P)
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