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Factions interact with one another. Much of this action is with diplomacy. By #talking with other faction leaders, different diplomatic status can be negotiated and trading can occur.


Faction ratings

Factions are rated by might and integrity. Might is a measure of how powerful a faction is and integrity is determined by how often a faction has violated commitments and how often it has committed atrocities. The different levels of each are given bellow. Each might rating is used at most once for the 7 factions with the most powerful taking Unsurpassed, the next Potent, and so on. Only the integrity of human factions matter.

<b<Might</b>: Unsurpassed, Potent, Formidable, Sufficient, Wanting, Anemic, Feeble Integrity: Noble, Faithful, Scrupulous, Dependable, Ruthless, Treacherous

The more mighty and less dependable a faction is, the more difficult that faction will find diplomacy. Despite this week factions who are losing wars are often very friendly with powerful factions in hopes of getting their assistance.

The attitude of a faction towards one another is important. The better the attitude the more friendly a faction will be towards the other faction. Differences in might, faction integrity, history, social engineering agreement or disagreement, faction leader personality, and diplomatic status all have an impact on attitude. The list of attitudes are bellow. The attitude of a faction towards yours can been seen by right clicking the faction from the #comlink panel. This also shows the other faction's social engineering choices.

<Attitude</b>: Magnanimous, Solicitous, Cooperative, Noncommittal, Ambivalent, Obstinate, Belligerent, Seething.

There is a special attitude: Submissive. When a human faction is fighting against an AI faction and the AI factions is losing, the AI leader might offer to surrender to the human faction. When this happens, the war ends, a #Pact is signed between the two, the AI faction gives the human faction all of its known tech advances and its energy credits, and the defeated faction becomes submissive of the conqueror. When in this state, the submissive faction will not refuse any request made by the human faction and there is an impact on scoring. If the human faction breaks the pact, the defeated faction will no longer be submissive. The AI player may only offer this once and a surrender cannot be demanded or requested by a human faction.

Diplomatic status




Planetary Council