Might (Advanced)

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The formula used to compute a faction’s Might:

  • 4 points for each point of population
  • 4 points for each Transcendent Thought
  • for each Technology discovered, the sum of Explore, Discover, Build, Conquer values
  • 10 points for each Secret Project
  • For each non-combat unit, add cost ÷ 40 (technically MineralRows ÷ 4)
  • For each Psi unit, add cost ÷ 20 (MineralRows ÷ 2)
  • For each Planet Buster, add cost ÷ 10 (MineralRows)
  • For combat units, add cost ÷ 10 in ratio of weapon strength to best weapon of any unit currently in the game (so a Laser (2) unit is only worth half value if Particle Impactor (4) weapons are the best available)