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zsozso's Work in Progress
« on: May 03, 2014, 10:12:01 PM »
zsozso's Work in Progress;sa=view;down=249

Scenario Name: zsozso's Work in Progress
Author: zsozso
Date of original posting: 5/29/09
Original host site: WPC

OK, so in the spirit of open source development (release early,
release often, incorporate feed-back), I'd like to present the first
work-in-progress (v0.1) version of the scenario.

The attached file contains the scenario as well as all faction and
graphics files including an alphax.txt, so it is best to unpack it into
its own sub-directory under the scenario directory of SMAX.

The factions:

caretaker based:
hortus - gardener of Chiron, fungus and worm bonuses
pario - builder, constructor, economic power
techtriad - scientist, researcher

usurper based:
chondrichthyes - sea based offensive (latin for shark)
antimind - mindworm, spore launcher, native life offensive
phoenix - air power offense

Please, if you have time to do some play-testing, give it a try and let
me know what problems you encounter or what suggestions you have.


ooops, I get a database error when trying to upload my 3MB zip file, but
it works if I upload the scenario only (39KB) and the text files, so I
will limit my upload to that for now...

Some obvious things that need work, and I am open to suggestions for these:
base names
leader names
datalinks entries


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