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Alterwars: H2Ostile v1.0 US
« on: May 03, 2014, 05:22:09 AM »
Alterwars: H2Ostile v1.0 US;sa=view;down=227

Scenario Name: Alterwars: H2Ostile v1.0 US
Author: Tres
Date of original posting: 1/10/00
Original host site: Apolyton

AUTOMATED RECORDING >> 01/01/2100 <<
Captain Svensgaard, Command Nexus of the "Scourge of Armagon"

ENGINEERING: "Captain, the Colony Police hit us very hard! Warp core breach is imminent!"
CAPTAIN: "Sensors, status report!"
SENSORS: "Sir, sensor arrays found a m-class planet in this system.
It´s rather small and wet, but the environment seems to be suitable."
CAPTAIN: "Damn Colony Police, i thought our informants were reliable.
I expected in that mining colony no worthy resistance. They traited us.
Well, back to our actual problems. Navigator, prepare standard orbit
around that waterhole."
NAVIGATOR: "Yes Sir! Course laid in!"
SENSORS: "Captain, Police vessels closing. Thir weapons are locked on us!"
CAPTAIN: "Initiate evasive maneuvers. Engineering, what´s about that warp core?!"
ENGINEERING: "Sorry Captain, we have to eject it in about 60 seconds!
We can´t do anything!"
1.OFFICER: "Captain, without the warp core, weapons will not func...
Sir! Hull breach at deck 2, direct hit!"
CAPTAIN: "Navigator, can we hold orbit?"
NAVIGATOR: "Captain, our only chance is an emergency landing!"
ENGINEERING: "Warp Core ejected, Sir!"
CAPTAIN: "Holy nebula! We are going down! All crewmates abandon ship!
Save all valuable supplies, maybe we´ll need it!"
1.OFFICER: "Sir, Police vessels are leaving. It seems we made it."
CAPTAIN: "Maybe, but what awaits us on the surface?"

STATUS >> AUTONOMOUS COMMAND NEXUS >> emergency landing successful


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