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New Planet Scenario
« on: May 03, 2014, 05:06:25 AM »
New Planet Scenario;sa=view;down=223

Scenario Name: New Planet Scenario
Author: Dreifels
Date of original posting: 2/28/02
Original host site: Dreifels Alpha Centauri page

"New Planet"
(build 7)
Scenario is made for SMACX

Map size is a medium between the "Standard" and the "Huge" format.
(that size I always missed on the CDs)

Settings for "New Planet"

Starting Year 2105

Human factions got 1 ready built city size 3,
having already recycling tanks and recreation comm in their HQ
and start with 2 Scout Patrols, 1 Unity Rover, 1 former,
2 free colony pods
(Pirates have escape pods, Angels have 1 Scout + 1 Probe,
Cult have 1 Scout + 1 mindworm)

Alien factions got 1 ready build city size 1 and start with
1 Scout Patrol, 1 MK1, 1 free colony pod
(this difference in the city's size makes the aliens very week,
so I add to the personality of both aliens "shameless betray
human players". If you like to play an alien faction by a human
player you should correct this entry and increase the city's size
for both aliens to 3 and/or give them a 2nd free colony pod)

Energy is as original 10-10-10-10-10-10-10

All settings from standard faction txt files.


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