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May/June 2002 CGN Challenge
« on: May 01, 2014, 05:15:19 AM »
Scenario Name: May/June 2002 CGN Challenge
Author: buster
Date of original posting: 5/22/02
Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

Here is one for the undaunted player.

Its called the "Very lonely Crusader".

It is my first attempt at a SP challenge and I hope it's doable.

You have decided its time to bring the true Faith to the world -
unfortunately it does not appreciate you efforts. As a matter of fact
they all consider themselves atrocity victims.

You are up against two groups.

Group1: The Socialist-Eco-Militaristic complex (Gaia & Sparta both
submissive to Hive). They don't like you & never will.

Group2: The Pacifistic - Scientific - Monetary complex (Morgan &
Zak submissive to Lal). They also don't like you and are actually not
that pacifistic.

These two groups are treatied. All are locked in vendetta towards you.
They have been given a good start. (3 CPs compared to your one and
decent land). You are on an Island - decent but not great territory. The
map is hidden but you will almost certainly need to fight your way
through Group 1 to get to group 2.

That is of course if group 1 doesn't come and get you or group 2 transcends before you even find them.

If that was not bad enough we are doing it on transcend.

But then of course - when did odds ever deter a holy warrior.
Victory can be transcend or conquest.;sa=view;down=207


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