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Darsnan's Waterworld Challenge
« on: April 30, 2014, 10:19:07 PM »
Scenario Name: Darsnan's Waterworld Challenge
Author: Darsnan
Date of original posting: 6/26/03
Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, Darsnan introduces his Waterworld Challenge!
The object of this, the July CGN Challenge, is to eradicate Conquerer
Judaa Maar completely. Of course, on the way to accomplishing this, you
may encounter a few, ah, obstacles....
We’re also going to do things a little differently for this Challenge.
Earlier this month I asked buster if I could have some reismarks to give
out as prizes/ rewards during this Challenge, and buster has graciously
agreed. So first off, I am awarding my two Beta Testers, Mongoose and
Archaic, 25 reismarks each for their participation in the Beta trials
–many thanx to both of you!
Secondly, I am giving 75 RM to Googlie, for all of the help, both
overtly and covertly , he has given me during the building of this
Scenario: much appreciated, Googlie!
As far as the actual amount of RM to give out for the Grand Prize of
who can eradicate Conquerer Maar in the least number of turns, why I
haven’t decided yet. Part of it resides in whether or not there is
enough interest for me to develop the SMAC version of this, which would
then require me to set aside some RM for awards there, as well.
For some added fun, why I have designed and incorporated 5 unique types
of units into this Challenge that I have not seen elsewhere in any
games I've CMN'd or played in. 10 RM to the first person who finds each
of these units and posts here identifying the unit's attributes and name
(and no cheating!). And when I say unique units I mean by their
attributes, not model name. For instance, a 16/8/2 “Quasar” has the same
attributes as a 16/8/2 “Pulsar”, but a 24/16/3 “Black Hole” is a
different unit because of its attributes.
Finally, while playtesting, 4 mistakes/ errors were noted. 10 RM to the
person who posts first finding each of these unique mistakes/ errors (
and who knows, there may be more errors that neither I nor the Beta
Testers caught, so even if 4 items are identified, why keep looking!).
Finally, I will also award RM for the highest Alpha Centauri Score, if
people are interested in playing this one out till the end. Amount will
depend on remaining RM’s available.
Hope you have fun!;sa=view;down=196


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