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Zakharov: a Psych Interview
« on: February 13, 2013, 01:27:46 AM »


Anjeli Bole: Your file says that you earned your first award at St. Petersburg, at age 27.

Zakharov: Correct.  That was before it was destroyed in the Great Riots of 2024.

AB: Tell us about a lifetime achievement in the last 30 years.

PZ: I worked for three years at a hospital fortress, designing weaponry.

AB: And you were okay with the brutality of the said institution.

PZ: There is an evolutionary princible called the survival of the fittest.  I am sure you are aware of it.


AB: Do you feel you are qualified to have a position on the Unity?

PZ: I must, if i was recommended unconditionally.

AB: You breached the UN servers.

PZ: I was not the hacker, a woman called Roze... assisted me.


PZ: I feel we are reaching the end of the interveiw.

AB: So we are.

PZ:  I have found it most intruiging.

AB: So have I.

PZ: I feel this is the beginning of a new point in my life.

AB: You do?

PZ: I am to leave the ill-suited, the unproductive.  I am to enter a practical world of pure reason.


Psych Profile: Technologist
Cognitive ability exceedingly high; genius level. Worldview driven almost exclusively through logic. Poor ethical judgment and inability to weigh in emotional factors; moderate deficiency in social functioning. Puts strong reliance on tools and his ability to use and adapt them; this, over human values, represents ultimate good. Ability to work as part of a team towards definable goals invaluable to mission, but poorly defined sense of ethics and tendency toward self- aggrandizement must be closely monitored by ranking superior.
-Profile composed by Anjeli Bole


Good artists copy, great artists steal.

--Pablo Picasso, Datalinks


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