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Mars survivors scenario - version 3.0
« on: February 12, 2011, 06:21:28 PM »
by GeoModder

This scenario is an offshoot from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri universe.
I.e. Earth is made uninhabitable by a holocaust and a mission is on the
way to Chiron. But what for the people in settlements off-Earth?
It's a reasonable assumption that by the year 2060 or later there will
be colonies on the moon and Mars.

The tech-tree is a slightly changed, but limited one. The scenario
itself takes about 250 turns. Most air units are changed in range and
mineral cost. For a smooth gameplay, put the files of the scenario
in the mentioned sub-directories of the Alpha Centauri main directory:

- the Mars-folder and all of its contents under the folder 'scenarios'.
- the '' file in the folder 'maps'. It is an extra if you ever want
  to play on a dry map of the planet.
- the 'tech087.pcx' file in the folder 'techs', this will overwrite a
  non-used pcx file, so it doesn't affect a normal game. But if you want
  to keep the original one, don't forget to make a backup.
- the files 'tech87.mp3', 'Unionist.mp3', 'Survival.mp3', 'Nippons.mp3',
  'MarsGov.mp3', 'Convict.mp3' and 'ArtInt.mp3' in the folder 'voices'
- the files 'proj004.pcx', 'proj031.pcx' and 'proj032.pcx' in the PROJS
  folder. Certainly here don't forget a backup, as these changes will
  also affect the normal game.
- All the remaining files in the Alpha Centauri main directory
  (except 'readme.txt', wich may be deleted).

There is one bug which I don't seem able to fix; in the help-menu
don't open the 'Anti-ballistic Defense System' facility window.
The program will cause an error if opened and shut down.

With thanks to all people who contributed faction files to the networknode
site. Most of the faction graphics -and sounds used come from this site.

Ghent, 2 feb 2003

Link to the downloads entry:;down=23
Direct download link: :clickme:
« Last Edit: October 16, 2012, 12:46:05 PM by sisko »
Anyone else feels like it's time to fix the faction graphics bug?


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