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Re: Festivus (Uno's annual holidayish type discussions)
« Reply #15 on: December 02, 2018, 06:46:37 PM »
Speaking with experience as a former farmer with lots of neighbors and landlords, friction is inevitable  and it goes both ways, but in the long run it's better to turn those neighbor relationships into friendly ones whenever possible. Trusting and respectful, at least. Neighbor wars take too much energy, tend to escalate, and you're too vulnerable to each other unless you're always there and watching, which only makes you prisoners. I always advise and encourage everyone to take a give and take approach with their neighbors, because the shoe could be on the other foot tomorrow, and likely will be eventually.

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Re: Festivus (Uno's annual holidayish type discussions)
« Reply #16 on: December 07, 2018, 05:26:03 PM »
Kristmas Kitchen Kalamity Kavalcade this weekend. 

2 batches sugar cookie dough finished. 
Items for the rest bought.

English Toffee has become a staple. 
Going to possibly attempt a new peanut brittle and a random recipe from the pile grandma was throwing away. 

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Re: Festivus (Uno's annual holidayish type discussions)
« Reply #17 on: December 07, 2018, 10:21:37 PM »
ANYHOW.  This party typically sees about 25-75 people every year, depending on weather and who's got what going on that day and which kids are home.  So, hEt gets a text over the weekend.  "We're happy to make the fliers and pass them around the neighborhood, but we need help with the party.  Would you mind supplying the donuts and cocoa?" 

Full stop.  We just got done doing pizza/donuts/cocoa to a much wider area, not to mention the walkthrough and candy the night of.  We've NEVER asked for help with the party.  Even the year I was out of work, we'd found a way to make that party happen without asking for help.  I'm absolutely boggled by this. 

I'm sorely tempted to point out the illegality of the donation box.  Any kind of gathering you need a license to collect money, even for a charity.  (it's why I don't for halloween)

If I may be so curious, anything further happening on this one?

Online Unorthodox

Re: Festivus (Uno's annual holidayish type discussions)
« Reply #18 on: December 08, 2018, 12:01:14 AM »
Party was...Monday? Tuesday? 

We basically ignored the text and nothing come of it. 

Bitterly cold.  Practically no one showed up.   Whoever made the hot chocolate basically heated water and forgot the chocolate.  Someone ended up bringing doughnuts but they were literally freezing. 

We put in a 'polite appearance' only, and got out as soon as reasonable. 

I mostly chatted business with a neighbor teen who had worked a local haunted house, giving advice on how to handle people for next year, which she's excited to do again.  Her experience will let her be a line worker next year, which is difficult but rewarding. 

I have a real distaste for the fact they use real wood firepits, so you smell like campfire afterword.  Have offered my gas options several times.  Maybe once I get the mushrooms. 

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Re: Festivus (Uno's annual holidayish type discussions)
« Reply #19 on: Yesterday at 03:05:02 PM »
Busy weekend.

I decided to split the Kristmas Kitchen Kalamity Kavalcade into 2 this year.  Only cooked for work last weekend, will do the family next.  So, it was a busy weekend but not oppressive like normal. 

In the middle, my brothers put on a Christmas show for their church. 

1.  I was not invited.
2.  I was not exactly welcomed last time they did this.
3.  I'm forgetting the word I agreed on at the moment, so we'll settle for that awful example of the gender my brother married was running the show, and we...well...

Despite that it was made known to me my parents were going to be most displeased if I did not show up.  So, I did what I normally do in uncomfortable situations, and just brought along the camera.  Now, my niece went to school to learn photography to help the business, but she was going to be singing in this production, and I figured she'd be glad I was shooting at least.

Indeed, we (me and 2 kids) skip the social hour portion, and show up just before the concert, and my niece is thrilled someone is going to take some pics. 

I know I reviewed the last show somewhere on here. 
Musically, they played it VERY much safer this time, specifically choosing more church friendly music. 

If you've ever been to a trans-siberian orchestra show, they pretty much put that on last time.  Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but this being TEH CHURCH, some references to a bar didn't go over well. 

They also had someone mixing sound that knew what they were doing, so it was mostly much better sounding. 

They wrote a spoken script between musical pieces, trying to copy the TSO show format, but make it CHURCH...and it was horrible.  Preachy was to be expected, but oh my.  Writing is not among the gifts my brother has. 

My niece had no business being up there singing. 
My nephew had skipped all practices and got essentially cut out of the show. 
My older brother played worse than I've ever heard before (but he's still a good guitarist)
My younger brother was bored out of his mind tapping drums on boring songs. 

Anyway, it gets done and I'm ready to get out of dodge.  I track down my niece and hand her the card from the camera, telling her I shot it all in raw specifically so she can edit it easily.  (well over 100 pics) 

She don't know how to edit raw files. 


Parents didn't speak to me while there.  Brother's wife was pissed I showed up.  Sister in law (other brother) was glad to see Talia and along with niece was the only one to talk to me. 

Just another annoyance while I  try to do my best to maintain the peace. 

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Re: Festivus (Uno's annual holidayish type discussions)
« Reply #20 on: Yesterday at 06:20:01 PM »
I do hope your parents talk to all their grandchildren?

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Re: Festivus (Uno's annual holidayish type discussions)
« Reply #21 on: Yesterday at 06:54:09 PM »
It's complicated. 

I'm the black sheep, and it does rub off onto the kids some. 

Both my brothers from the get go run home with every problem.  My parents help, either with money or with labor. 

We don't, we'll deal with the problem ourselves, and have since I left the house.   

Both my brothers see my parents daily, we don't.  Weekly at most.  Part of this is proximity, but part of it is I just don't care to. 

Both my brothers arrange their vacation to align with my parents and go camping in one big jamboree.  We like our family vacations getting out to see things ourselves, not go to the same damn campground every year. 

Both my brothers work at the music store.  I don't. 

So, it's a bit galling sometimes, but no, they don't have the same relationship with my kids as their other grandkids, but I don't know that I would change how I've handled things.  We treated my in-laws the same, really, and they always made sure to spend time with our kids, inviting them to activities or sleep overs, etc.  We've tried, really, to get my parents to invite our kids to anything to no avail.


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