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Buster's Uncle:
(click to show/hide)It's certainly how I prefer to place bases - I'm a builder.

Read after playing to MY 2140!
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MY 2111

There is still 5 years before The Flowers Preach base completes terraformers, but we can use all energy reserves
(9 EC) to hurry it with 4 minerals out of needed 5. This will complete the unit next year.

MY 2112

We have 6 active formers. The Flowers Preach base begin construction of a new scout unit.
The first to be drafted on Chiron by Gaians.

And road between two of our bases is completed. The third base has still long time to wait.

MY 2113
A former from Gaia's Landing rehomed to Lily of the Valley.
We save a mineral from upkeep.

MY 2114

GNN News
Gaian News Network special (Uncensored - please do review and edit before release! Not like with that interview on

information networks!)
"Welcome fellow Gaians! It is so nice to see you on that beautiful morning. After exercise there is time for tasty
and plentiful breakfast. What?! You don't agree? You live in Gaia's Landing? Well, this is our main base,
that's where the action is. Appreciate your life here. Let's talk to someone on the main dome promenade
who... just eats today's specialty breakfast... Good morning."
"Good morning."
"We are making an interview for Gaian News Network. Would you tell us your impressions on food in our main base?"
"Are you recording?"
"You know, I'm leaving for Lily base in two days."
"Job transfer?"
"No, I quit the one here and intend to look for something over there."
"You need a permit for that. The Unity Mission is the most important."
"Yes and sure thing, sir."
"What does it have to do with the food?"
"You probably have access to food ratios from Flowers Preach?"
"Do you actually eat sometimes over here?"

"Ok, everyone has some opinion. And what is wrong with this stuff?"
"Majority of food here is made out of these forest berries and grass, that you get near mines to the west.
You think nitrate removal works miracles on them? I'm leaving this place."
"They do the same food processing over there, you know that."
"Variety is the thing. They have better raw plants over there. And after 14 years here? We do not have a single farm
outside of the base. Or any base! These small indoor agridomes? For how many people are they sufficient?
Only forestation and forestation. Who gives such orders?!"

 - - - * * * - - -

Lily base and Flowers Preach base grow to size 2, but not Gaia's Landing.

MY 2115
Hurried a former in Gaia's Landing, for 6 EC - 3 minerals.
We start Network Node next year.

MY 2116
7 active formers. And the 8th one is rushed in Lily base.
The Flowers Preach celebrates its connection to Gaia's Landing.
Food in the main base improves, as the seafood from Flowers Bay can be much faster delivered to Gaia's Landing.

MY 2117
Lily base starts a colony pod. Time has come for yet another base somewhere in the monsoon jungle. This is abundant
nutrients area. The first solar colector array has been completed, just north of Gaia's Landing.
Will it go online next year? Not likely, the main base constantly is troubled with workforce shortages.
The XO Mart probably will go for mineral production and will place a new team on forests to the west in the river valley.

MY 2118



Forest expands in the monsoon area and Gaia's Landing. This is the first time. Out of 4 tiles so far we get two more,
however, the first one is outside of any base radius! ... For now.
We do need a scout patrol in the monsoon area. Gaia's Landing has now 4 tiles,
that could be worked with decent yield, but there are only 2 workers available.
Meanwhile, we've got a scout patrol that does not need to guard a base.
It will explore to the east. And the base can start the second colony pod.

For long time we had only +3 EC/year. Now it is +6. And research +7/turn gives us rate of 8 years per technology
breakthrough. Full hurry of Network Node in Gaia's Landing would be 134 EC, reserves at 9 EC. ... Early years.


Read after playing to MY 2150!
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MY 2119
Since planetfall we had opportunity to recover only two U.N.S. Unity supply pods.
Now there is a third one, east of The Flowers Preach. It is trapped in the dense mat of xenofungus.

50 EC. Not bad, as for 2119. But could be better, either more energy or sufficient minerals for the network node.
And here comes another trick. Small thing, but during early years, you can afford such micromanaging.
In research we have 49 per 51 towards Industrial Economics. Our first on the list base, Gaia's Landing,
makes 3 lab points. One will be wasted, as the game does not place such base excess towards new technology
(all points from the next bases yes though). So from 50/0/50, let us switch to 70/0/30 (economy/psych/labs).
Having -16% labs and -8% economy, we loose no energy!
And Gaia's Landing has +2 lab points, while the faction gets +8 EC/turn.

MY 2120

And choices for research:
- Doctrine Mobility
- Biogenetics
- Planetary Networks
- Applied Physics

Not an easy choice. Planetary Networks are on Industrial Automation B-line,
while Biogenetics allows to construct Recycling Centers.
Maybe our B-line first, there are additional benefits with that tech and we could also apply planned economy.

Scout patrol enters Sunny Mesa, east from The Flowers Preach

And time for a short report on Gaian faction:
3 bases
6 population
4 technologies, 7 lab points/turn, tech every 10 turns.
+6 EC/turn, 73 EC in reserves
4 scouts
8 formers

MY 2122
The Lily of the Valley should hurry the colony pod it constructs. There is 24 nutrients collected,
but 20 would be enough to keep population at 2. 4 nutrients will be wasted. 28 EC for full hurry out of 85.

MY 2123
Colony pod completed, the next is scout patrol. And where to go for the next base?
Northern direction appears to be more promissing. At least this is what can be said from exploration
made by working terraformers! So far, so good. Gaian Luck in decent amount accompanies Lady Deirdre.
But as insufficient scout patrols are almost all needed to guard bases, the new colony pod will have to
scout for a suitable settlement place by itself.

GNN News
Gaian News Network special (Checked once - please still review and edit if feel suitable.)
"Welcome fellow Gaians! Today's special from The Flowers Preach base. Yes, you know what it is all about.
There are new forests around this base. Happy? Yes, we all should be! And what does it mean to an average Gaian?
No seafood. No sushi. No chirosushi to most of us. You wonder why, and before we find it out from official sources
of faction command, let us ask those, who are the most affected by the recent change.
We are at the entrance to base command. Few people gathered in a peaceful demonstration supporting
continuation of fishing and seaweed farming... Good morning!"
"Good morning."
"I can see on your banner 'Do not let us starve,' isn't that an exageration?"
"Well, not completely. You know, that some people cannot eat that forest food."
"Yes, that happens. So what actually is going on, as you see it?"
"After recent forestation, all fishermen are sent to work in the forest. That's ridiculous."
"Is that decision actually made?"
"Yes, clear order from Gaia'a Landing, signed XO Mart."
"Some people are going to work in the bay though?"
"No, we have serious workforce shortages all the time since the landing. This base was the best food.
Now, it will be the worst. The other bases have at least rivers in vicinity. And Lily base is breeding fish
from Earth. And there is that large freshwater lake."
"Yes, with time, we will get excellent food."
"For over 20 years now we made no real farming effort! Is that ... ok? Normal?"
"What do you think?"
"I don't understand that rush for minerals."

adapted from: Copyright Free Images

The fourth Unity resupply pod. And not in xenofungus. A survey probe, that located resources!
Something to rise spirits in The Flowers Preach. It is though quite away from the base, east slopes of
Sunny Mesa. Will Lady Deirdre aprove that location for the next base?
Switching to 30/0/70 (economy/psych/labs). In hope for faster Planetary Networks and getting cheaper
Network Node in Gaia's Landing. Still, NN in GL would be ready in 5 turns, same as the research.
So we need faster research.


Read after playing to MY 2150!
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MY 2124
Yet again forest expands, this year near Flowers Preach base. We have frequent forest growths.
Good, as this is free terraforming. The only disadvantage is, that road building
takes a turn more on a forested tile.

MY 2125

So how is it, that we can travel on rivers so fast?
Two ways:
1) Pebble or hardened sand river beaches.
It may be difficult to walk or ride a rover on larger rocks or dry sand,
but if there are finer pebbles or sand is moist just the right amount or simply hardened,
one can travel on a beach like on a road.
2) Rafts - an old way of traveling.
There is weed on the ground on this planet, and with not excessive effort,
a scout unit is capable of assembling a decent raft. What is more,
the Chiron weed has excellent floatability and combined bunches resemble a bamboo raft.

The river flows into another sea or ocean. And to the west, there is xenofungus field.
Easy cake...

And another Unity resupply pod.

The Flowers Preach can complete colony pod next year for 28 EC. Let's do it.
And this base is exactly 20 nutrients accumulated. It will not loose a population effectively,
but its food storage will be zeroed. This is the most effective "colony pod pump" in the early game.


Read after playing to MY 2170!
(click to show/hide)2126

The Unity pod south from Sunny Mesa turns out to contain abundant resources.
Enough to complete a Network Node in The Flowers Preach.
Double treasure! Real Gaian luck, as the pod also contained a survey probe,
that located abundant nutrient resources.

There is yet another Unity Pod, that landed on a mountain peak in Monsoon Jungle.
... Terraformers crew is dispatched to investigate, secured by a patrol.


A commlink to Colonel Santiago! Let's talk to her.

As for someone in quarrelsome mood, she is surprisingly talkative.
As she says, a 'woman of reason.' It is good to take this opportunity to
advance Gaian research, despite increased research cost afterwards.

And other matters...

We could really use Pact Agreement in these early years. And sometimes in cases
like this, what works, is to connect with the faction leader right away again
and ask for pact. He/she may agree then.
... But it did not work, Colonel Santiago has no need for it.

We exchanged maps with Santiago. Let's take a look... So she's right to the north.
It doesn't look like excellent terrain, but there are uranium flats for increased energy
yield and two monoliths, ... of some kind.

Now, that we met Spartans, and especially them with their militaristic worldview,
we need to prepare to show defensive capabilities.
Time for long delayed visit to the Unit Workshop.

And finally, something useful both in direct military applications and domestic econmy.
A tracked transportation pod. Track-pod for short.

And the last thing, rearranging workers in Gaia's Landing, so we complete research next year!



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