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Gaian Luck - AAR

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Read after playing to MY 2170!
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Forest expansion near Gaia's Landing, two tiles, but from the animation - one of them is to the north on unexplored terrain.

The Flowers Preach builds Network Node

I don't know but I've been told
Deirdre's got a Network Node
Likes to press the on-off switch
Dig that crazy Gaian witch


Next choices:
- Biogenetics
- Polymorphic Software
- Social Psych
- Industrial Automation
- Nonlinear Mathematics
- High Energy Chemistry

And choosing the objective of our B-line: Industrial Automation
Ready in 20 turns. Cost of technology, after exchange with Santiago is now 200, compared to 68 last time.
That's ok, we will increase research speed soon, and Industrial Automation will be available before 2147.

New base:
Song of Planet
and it immediately starts a former. Scouts from Lily base will take care of defenses until the new base completes its own unit.

And the last thing in this turn, Gaia's Landing hurried Network Node for 6 EC (3 minerals). This way, all yearly mineral production goes for the next building item.

Significant forest growth events every year now! This time near Lily base. That's on jungle, so we get 2-2-1 tile.
Gaian luck!

And there is some strange report from Spartans on some worms attack.

And we have a Network Node in the main base.
Now, this new planet version of facebook is created, with network efficiently working in two bases.

Contacting Santiago...

Santiago: So, what do you want to discuss yet? I have little time.
Deirdre: Pact Agreement. What is your price for it?
Santiago:  I see no advantage for Spartan Federation, Lady. My answer is no.
Deirdre: Ok. Gaian Stepdaughters could use some more energy credits. Would you agree for a loan?
Santiago: I have no energy to spare at this time. My apologies, Lady, but I have no time for long discussions. Santiago out.

And with Biotechnology, we can construct Recycling Centers. Started in Gaia's Landing and The Flowers Preach.
We have research breakthrough every 17 years.



Deirdre: Greetings Colonel!
Santiago: Greetings Lady, it's a pleasure to talk with you. I am very busy, but I will find some time for you.
Deirdre: Have you considered signing Pact Agreement with Gaians?
Santiago: Nothing changed, Lady. I see no benefits in signing this.
You would have too much access into Spartan Federation affairs.
So my answer is simply: no. I have no more time today. Santiago out.

New base on Sunny Mesa.
Greenhouse Gate
And almost ready is road connection to it, just one tile.
There is also a Unity pod. Investigated in base vicinity, will probably have positive outcome.

A survey probe, which has located nutrient resources.
Gaian luck... Could be better, could be worse. It is on rocky and moist tile, so terraformers will need to flatten the terrain before farming.

Time for a longer report

Tech cost: 200
Tech accumulated: 37
Tech per turn: 13

Energy reserves: 27
Income: +6/turn (8-2)

1) Bases just started to construct Recycling Centers. This will greatly enhance development.
2) Exploration is next. With just 5 scout patrols and 5 bases, this is only enough to have a defender in a base.


Read after playing to MY 2170!
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New forests on 4 tiles!
It was noticed some years ago already, that near bases of Gaians forests grow more often than near bases of other factions.
Is this only Gaian effect? Or maybe +1 planet effect?

Switching to 40/0/60 (economy/psych/labs). This way we get 14 labs/turn. Because we run PLANNED,
assigning more to research would cause losses. So Industrial Automation in 11 years.
Santiago still refuses to talk.
And hurried the tanks in GL, for 30 EC.
For exploration a rover would be better than an infantry scout. Armoured, it will also prototype synthmetal for us, the design:

New forest near GL.

New forests on 2 tiles.
Santiago after 2 years still does not want to talk.


New forests on 2 tiles.

Santiago opens commlink in ambivalent mood.

Santiago: Greetings to you, Mart. State you case quickly, for I am very busy.
Mart: Very well then. Would you sign a Pact of Sisterhood with Lady Deirdre?
Santiago: In return for what?
Mart: Name your price, Colonel.
Santiago: No, my military preparations don't need any pact at this time. My apologies, but there're very important matters I must attend. Santiago out.

Morgan was so much faster.

Santiago refuses to talk.
And paying only 3 EC we can have a new defensive a year earlier.


Read after playing to MY 2170!
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Gaia's Landing Headquarters - Meeting Room.
May 33, 2136

"What is the report, then. I'd like to know all the details."
"Yes, Lady. Let us start from the beginning then. Do you remember that Spartan report eight years ago,
that we not quite understood at the time?"
"About some worms?"
"Yes. That one. It appears it pertained to the same organisms we encountered here near Gaia's Landing."
"You are not sure though?"
"I'm not. You see, what Spartans were saying, they were extremely aggressive, they seemed to have
significant influence on their unit morale."
"Like, Spartans turned out to be ... not courageous enough? Seems unlikely..."
"I agree. That leads us to a conclusion."
"Some kind of chemical? Sprayed in the atmosphere?"
"This, or possibly even more intrusive."
"Interesting. You base this guess on... what?"
"Our unit encounter. They may seem to be just some bugs, that you use as fishing bait. And this was
in fact described that way in the first report by our rover crew.

"But later, as we were going into details and we compared this with Spartan report, a whole new
view apears. Our great succses, both times, may have originated from the crew mental attitude."
"It is a military unit, our first rover, in fact."
"Well... you see... our military is not ... Spartan, let's put it that way."

"And by telepathy these organisms can detect state of mind? Is this what you suggest?"
"Yes. They allowed themselves to be easily captured."
"An intelligence? Should we appoint ... the Ambassador."
"No, I don't think so. They are unlikely to be our progenitor race."
"We actually don't know. Santiago withheld a lot of information from us. For example, these monoliths."
"You don't think these worms made them?"
"Why not? It's an alien world. We cannot use Earth as an analogy."
"Anyway, if these creatures are really telepathic, I wonder, if this can be of any use.
Something, that Spartan encounter report suggests."
"Spartan report?"

"Yes. Imagine, if such small creatures can affect high morale Spartan soldiers..."
"You think of military applications?"
"Yes! We could even think in more broad aspect"

- - - = = = * * * = = = - - -

Autumn Grove established.
Santiago refuses pact.


This year Gaians make solid commitment to explore planet's oceans.
GTS "Flower" is started to be built in The Flowers Preach base.


There is a pod, and although it is so far away from the closest base, with higher chances for trouble, let us check it.
In Autumn Grove, though, Network Node is set for possible mineral supply.

...Well, nice gifts of UNS Unity are always welcomed! Scout patrol will need to wait.
And there are abundant energy resources.
Gaian luck!!!

Tile is coastal, moist and flat. What kind of natural, easily accesible enrgy that can be?
Clear sky, that would work on solar collectors, but that particular place is extremely windy.
And if windmills are placed, the region would be very profitable

Hurrying 2 recycling tanks, for a minimal needed amount, 10 and 12 EC. Having 37 to start with,
but we need to save for other uses.

MY 2140

Completed 3 recycling tanks this turn! And a new network node from Unity supply pod.
This is a good year for the faction.
And we need to scout more of the planet... on sea. Lily base starts another GTS Flower ship. On the other side
of the land strip we are at.

She would not trade any technology without us giving some another new to her.
However, she agrees to lend us some energy! The loan of 31 EC for 46 EC in payments 1 EC/year.
Not that bad, but will she now want to talk next year, when we have a technology to trade?


Read after playing to MY 2180!
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MY 2141

Switch to wealth? not now, after meeting with Santiago. Also, we would be hit on morale, and a lot.
-3 morale would make our units loose native life battles more often.

Only 2 choices offered:
- Doctrine Initiative
- Nonlinear Mathematics

Santiago refuses to talk. So the plan would be talk to her as soon as possible, and then switch to wealth

Gaia's Landing Headquarters - Meeting Room.
Secret meeting

Present are Lady Deirdre, XO Mart, Security Officer, Intelligence Officer (...future).
"We need to address the Spartan problem and this is why we meet. Officer, please" - Deirdre nods to the security officer.
"Thank you, Lady. As we all know, Spartans are located to the north. On this map we can see their three bases,
that they informed us about. What is interesting, they have at least two monoliths on their territory,
while we have only discovered recently north east from Greenhouse Gate a single such structure..."
"Excuse me, officer. For the record. Recall properties of this monolith."

"It seems to have effect on both people and equipment. People recover from wounds very quickly, have increased
mental abilities. Equipment surprisingly works better."
"No, it does not appear that way. If yes, it is deeper than we can detect. And equipment? How?"
"Yes, the effect on devices makes that hardly a telepathic effect. We exclude... hallucinations"
"Some kind of radiation?"
"It is beyond our capabilities to tell. Spartans said nothing."
"Ok, let's continue. Spartan territory."
"Their land is less fertile than in monsoon jungle. Eastern region is marked as having rich uranium deposits."
"Military purpose?"
"They can also use it in their power plant equipment."
"They recently refused technology exchange."

Lady Deirdre kept silence for a moment.
"So we now come to the conclusion, that we no longer can afford question marks in our knowledge about Sparta."
"Yes, and today we create a new branch of our government. Gaian Intelligence!"
"So far it was discussed only with the XO. We will create a team of highly specialized, trained and equiped
professionals. Their first assignment will be to infiltrate Spartan computer systems. Not an easy task.
No Gaian ever was in any Spartan base. So, do you have your proposed team members? XO?
"Yes. The person who will be responsible for logistics, getting team to objective locations, return and recovery
is one of our mountaineers. He has excellent physical conditions. Health adequate for Chiron. etc.

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"Ok... and who else?"
"Our computer systems specialist is our best faction hacker. He should be in jail, actually, but you know..."

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"Hmmm... ok. So which of them is the team leader?"
"Neither. There is the third team member and he leads. Superb leadership, that was proven in many rover exploration
expeditions. He is excellent in organising team work, easily followed by our people. I could go on and on..."

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"... Well"
"So what do you think?"
"... Are you sure, that these people are the right ones?
"Yes, Lady, trust me. They will do the job. The training starts tomorrow. Top secret."

- - - = = = * * * = = = - - -

Another mineral supply pod.
Yes, keep them for us, Unity long gone main computer. You dropped them so far not that bad.
Gaian luck!!!


Read after playing to MY 2180!
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Gaian Transport Ship "Flower" (GTS "Flower") will not be the first to explore Chiron oceans.
Near the first monolith on Gaian soil there was found a foil dropped by Unity.
It is small and slow, but very useful at this time.

In this early years, is there a way to prepare a place for a base?
Something to consider, if someone has enough formers to devote them to do these two terrain upgrades:
- a sensor, under a base cannot be destroyed providing that 25% defense bonus
- forest, unlike in civ, it stays on a base tile after it has been established. And, although,
it does not provide forest bonus, it can spread from that tile, what I recently observed.
That particular place maybe does not provide such a strong need to have forest, because
tiles around are forested, but establishing a base close to many empty tiles, or fungus tiles
may provide many free former-turns.

MY 2142

A former attempting to enter a fungal field encounters mindworms.
Luckily, scout patrol from nearby base wins the fight even with 1/3 strength.

Interesting... Santiago claims, that she has noting in technologies, that would be
new to Gaians.

MY 2143

Changing to Wealth...
A bit overlooked, since we could do it earlier.
Having Frontier, Planned, Wealth, None; that gives in total:

+1 Economy
-3 Morale
-1 Police
+2 Growth
+1 Planet
+2 Industry

MY 2144

Gaians have now two more GTS Flower class ships.

MY 2146

Santiago is belligerent. She has contact with Morgan, but wants 50 (!!!) EC for his commlink.
No way, Colonel.
And she refuses to trade Secrets of the Human Brain for our Industrial Automation.
Wealth is not popular among Spartans...

MY 2147

Somewhere North-East a scouting rover encounters progenitor buildings, ruins,
that for long time have been detoriorating.

Some of the Unity supply pods made an excellent job.

MY 2148

Santiago finally trades a technology - Social Psych for our Industrial Automation.
And we have 6 supply crawlers, and another 6 in construction.



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