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story on antoher forum - be careful what you wish for
« on: December 13, 2014, 08:51:18 AM »
This is a cross post of a story original can be found here.  How do people usually like this done?  Should I just post a link, not post it at all, or cross post like this?  Thanks!  Also didn't see a story tag and this is not done so used work in progress.  If this is incorrect please tell me.

This story will be somewhat related to a BE game I am currently playing. To keep the focus on the story though I will not be imputing pictures only links to the picture on steam. I think I have the pictures I uploaded set for public viewing but if you can't seem them do let me know. The story will also be slow, based around character more than action so may not be to young whipper snapper taste (so get off my lawn ). I will create a separate thread for comments so they don't interrupt others viewing/reading so lets keep them there. Otherwise enjoy!

Be Careful What You Wish For

... there is something happening somewhere I just know there is. The strains from the old earth relic, someone had told him it was called a songbox though he seemed to remember others calling it something else, filtered into Hutama's office. The "Boss's" music had undergone a surge in popularity since planetfall. As the ruler of polystralia, and especially after the intelligence he had just recieved, Hutama didn't really have the time for reminiscence but he found himself going back many years as he listened to the song.

...Man I'm just tired and bored with myself ... the strains of Dancing the Dark filtered down from Hunter's room and as Hutama went up the stairs he was struck by a revelation that caused him to take the stairs two at a time and barrel into his brother's room. "Irony!", he shouted as only a teenager of 14 could do. His brother looked up at him scowling at the interruption. Hutama blushed and almost left the room but the strength of his relevation made him stay. "That's why he calls himself the boss! His songs are about working people and their struggles and feelings so" and here his mind went to fast for his mouth and he almost shouted "Irony! We were talking about it in school today ... how even we call it the Great Mistake though if anything it only helped us. While the rest of the world burned we continued to fish and trade and only became more powerful." His brother simply scowled and replied "I see they are still teaching it stupidly"

Hutama furrowed his brow "what could he mean how could they be teaching it stupid..." but stopped when he saw his brother polishing his surfboard. "You're going out again" he stated flatly. This would not normally be a problem, they after all lived in polystralia and surfing was a large part of their culture. It was however January. Smack in the middle of Typhon season, and though Polystralia liked to think the great mistake had not affected them typhoons had grown worse. Surfing typhoon waves had before been dangerous after the great mistake it had become suicidal. Hunter loved it. The boss continued to play in the background ... "without a spark" as Hunter repeated himself "You are going out again, you know dad forbade it." Hutama almost turned to run out of the room, but he was 14 now. He had, had tea with the tarantulas (http://www.collegehumor.com/post/694...ant-tarantulas). If Hunter noticed his moment of indecision he said nothing he just continued to wax his surfboard while the boss continued to play ... ani't getting no where living in a dump like this.

After almost a minute passed Hunter replied "what is Brazalia doing?" Hutama found himself furrowing his brow again but not because he didn't know the answer just trying to decide if the subject was being changed Hutuma answered. "They are helping Europe and the near east police the refuge camps" Hunter nodded "Yes, have you heard of Bolivar?" Hutuma smiled as he answered "Of course! Rejinaldo Bolivar De Alencar-Ararip he is leading many of the efforts in Europe of Brazalia there is talk that he will be there leader someday." Hunter simply nodded "yes Rejinaldo Bolivar and all the rest a lot of name for a lot of man" and asked "who leads the African Union?" "Samatar Jama Barre" Hutama replied then smiling he answered the expected next question "they are uniting Africa" If Hunter was impressed he didn't show it he simply asked "Has there ever been a united Africa before?" Hutama had to think before he answered this one but he finally answered "I don't think so ..." Hunter nodded and asked "and who leads Polystralia?" Hunter had to pause here also before he answered "Lachlan he announced a fish trading deal with the African Union last week didn't he?" Hunter simply grunted, as he put down his board and walked out of the room saying simply "Did he? I didn't know, and I'm not sure I could even have come up with his name." The boss continued to play after Hunter left the room ... there is something happening somewhere I just know there is ... and Hutuma stood and tried to figure out why he felt insulted.

Shaking his head Hutuma returned from his reverie, earth was Millions of miles away and Lachlan was long dead and he now led Polystralia or at least this branch of it. And if only because there were so few people in the colony he expected all of them knew his name, as he knew most of their names. Somethings had not changed though. Bolivar did lead Brazalia first on earth and now it seems the colony of it on his planet which, at least if the grainy satellite image was to be believed, had made their colony capital only a stone throw from his. (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=354328519). As he stared at the picture trying to decide if this was a good thing or not, strains of the Boss continued to filter into his office ...dancing in the dark...

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Re: story on antoher forum - be careful what you wish for
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2014, 09:17:08 PM »
Definitely post your story.  Cross-linking is fine.  We can add a Story tag if you'd like.

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Re: story on antoher forum - be careful what you wish for
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2014, 12:49:36 AM »
Adding a story tag would be great.  I should start the discussion thread here to as it seems more people interested in stories here (Alpha Centauri people are different I suppose.)  Will be continued in fits and starts but will be continued.
Story over gameplay, feel over mechanics, BRING BACK WONDER AND ENDING MOVIES, (and get off my lawn you young whippersnapper)


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