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Sinder Roze
Unity Network Administrator

175 cm
51 kg


Datatech Sinder Roze was born Asa Wright in Trinidad, West Indies Co-Prosperity Sphere, and enjoyed an unexceptional and stable childhood, raised by two professors at the fledgling University of Trinidad. Some speculate that her lack of childhood struggle and trauma led her to seek excitement and meaning in creating chaos. Other observers believe she merely pursued her gifts. Either way, by her early teens she had already topped Interpol's "Ten Most Wanted" hacker list for a string of asset transfers and incursions into Defense Department computers at a dozen multinational corporations. Her identity was well hidden, as investigators had only her "Sinder Roze" handle to track. Eventually, she was found out and hauled before the Cyber Crimes Tribunal at The Hague. Although Roze was convicted amidst the hysteria of the Markethack Crash of '49, she was offered clemency if she renounced 'unethical' uses of computers and if she agreed to lend her talents to the Unity project. Through the creation of skillful systems architecture, she made herself indispensable to the mission and was assigned to the crew after a lengthy personnel struggle with Captain Garland, who viewed her as the most dangerous person on the Unity after Sheng-Ji Yang.


Psych Profile:
Roze makes little effort to hide her fondness for wreaking havoc on established information infrastructures, and her superiors should expect this behavior and make allowances accordingly. Although not a true anarchist, she gains a great deal of satisfaction from causing chaos and observing the aftermath. Her followers consist of a motley collection of hackers, free-thinkers, and drop-outs, whose creativity and talents are welcomed and utilized. Roze holds few ideological scruples, and so can get along with virtually anyone willing to put up with her behavior. Should she incur an enmity, however, she possesses the capability to efficiently and ruthlessly smash the foundations of an information economy.


 Faction Summary 

As a splinter group of the Morgan faction, the Data Angels live in a shadow world of intrigue, conspiracy, and covert operations, working to undermine the established governments of Planet. Although they can grow into a formidable military power if need be, the Angels prefer the use of their highly skilled probe teams.

Most of the Angels' advantages lie in the realm of covert operations. They gain a +2 Probe rating from their experience with Probe Teams, adding +2 morale to each probe team built and making their bases and units much more expensive to subvert. Additionally, these Probe Teams can subvert enemy bases and units at a -25% cost. They also receive a Covert Ops Center in each base after the discovery of Pre-sentient Algorithms. Finally, and perhaps most important, the Angels gain any technology known by three other factions that have been infiltrated by the Angels, either through Probe Teams, election to the Planetary Council, or possession of The Empath Guild. The Angels' chief weakness lies in a -1 Police rating, caused by a general anarchistic hacker tendencies.

This faction makes Planetfall with knowledge of Information Networks and Planetary Networks, and may not make the "Power" social choice.

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