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Country of 

Judaa Marr (approx. translation)
Thrall Commander, Ship 427_s

Rim Systems, Tau Ceti
243 cm
135 kg


Human data on this leader remains sketchy and inconclusive, as his followers surround him with a larger-than-life mystique, making it difficult to separate fact from myth. Most sources indicate he (note: actual gender indeterminate) commanded the Usurper ship destroyed in the battle above Planet. Certainly he is regarded with terror even by his own faction members, as implied by his title of "Conqueror". This honorific is reserved for those who distinguished themselves in the brutal Succession Wars leading to the Usurper-Caretaker schism, or so our Xenopsych Corps has deduced. Best data also indicates that he holds a place of high importance in the Usurper hierarchy, given his Thrall Command of one of the scout ships searching for the Sixth Manifold.


Psych Profile:
Although it is important not to anthropomorphize a race as complex and unknown as the Progenitors, a few conclusions may safely be drawn from available data. Having found the Sixth Manifold, this leader will unwaveringly pursue either a Planetary Flowering (best available translation-meaning unknown) or will attempt to contact the nearest Usurper Homeworld, bringing unstoppable reinforcements to bear once the location of the Manifold has been pinpointed and broadcast. Either such an event would likely mean the end of human habitation on Planet.

Humans seem to matter little to this Conqueror, unless they have sided with his Caretaker enemy. He sees little benefit in interaction with a lifeform he perceives as inferior. Humans do possess a few scraps of technology that might be of interest to this leader, which might be bartered for Progenitor science, or perhaps merely a continued sufferance of human existence. Happily, the Usurper landing on Planet seems to have come with little in the way of infrastructure or preparation, so they do not currently have access to the most advanced of their weaponry.


Faction Summary 

The Usurper faction belongs to a race of aliens known as The Progenitors, widely believed to be the creators of the Artifacts, Monoliths, and other structures found by early human explorers. The discovery of the Manifold Nexus hints that the Progenitors may have even created Planet, which itself appears to be part of a larger system spanning the stars. Since then, however, the Progenitors seem to have entered a period of violent civil war, costing much of the technological knowledge and engineering skills of their ancestors. Two factions vie for control of the core systems-the Usurpers and the Caretakers.

The Progenitors have evolved complex biological systems that can sense fields imperceptible to humans, including at least electrical and magnetic fields. The collective term for this sensitivity is 'resonance', and permeates all Progenitor communication, art, and culture. The sensitivity also confers valuable combat bonuses to Progenitor forces. For the Usurpers, resonance sensitivity translates into a 25% bonus in air combat, reflecting their heightened situational awareness.

The Usurpers also gain a bonuses in Growth and Industry, as they seem willing to exploit Planet's resources for their own gain. They land on Planet with knowledge of Progenitor Psych, Field Modulation, and Applied Physics.

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