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Country of 

Foreman Domai
Civilian Contractor
Director of Planetside Mining Ops

195 cm
100 kg
Service Record:
Domai was assigned to the Unity as a mining specialist, to be awakened Planetside after the regular mission crew had set up permanent settlements. However, a cryopod malfunction following the meteor strike prematurely awakened him into a miasma of toxic gases vented by the crippled ship, causing temporary damage to his memory and communication faculties. Assigned to repair crews as a common drone, Domai struggled to reassert his identity and regain his full humanity. Once recovered, Domai led his co-workers in a revolt at their brutal working conditions, commandeered a colony pod, and set out for Planet in command of his new band of followers.

Psych Profile:
Although already predisposed towards working class politics back on earth, Domai's experience on the Unity seems to have radicalized his beliefs. Some also question whether his toxin exposure might have had other, long-term side effects, which would account for his newfound reliance on violence to achieve his ends. In either case, Domai's worldview now revolves around the idea of a class struggle that can only be resolved through the destruction of the oppressors. Although his weapons are fairly low-tech, he is not afraid to throw away lives in large, 'human wave' assaults. Those who choose to build their wealth on the backs of others would do well to avoid this powerful opponent.


Visions of Alpha Centauri 

Driven by an intense hatred of the more privileged members of the Unity crew, the Free Drones fight to free the working classes of Planet from servitude and oppression. The Drones prove themselves masters of industrial production, constructing their vision of a workingman's paradise on Planet with scant regard for the ecological consequences. The other human faction leaders recognize the danger in the Drones' revolutionary appeals, and work to silence their message.

The Drones possess a +2 Industry, a powerful advantage when racing to build Secret Projects, military units, and base facilities. However, they also have a -2 Research, which results in slow tech advances. Often, this means the Drones will have a large force of technologically backward units, which they use in 'human wave' attacks. They begin the game with knowledge of Industrial Base, and may not make the 'Green' economy choice.

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