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Cha Dawn

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Very little is known about Cha Dawn; available data comes from deprogrammed adherents whose information is colored by the Cult's indoctrination techniques. Apparently, Dawn was found as an infant in the fungus by a splinter group known as the Ecological Malcontents, soon after Planetfall. His parentage and birthplace are unknown. According to the lore of the Cult, the native life forms did not harm the child, and he possessed no breathing mask, although the length of his exposure was also unknown. The Malcontents raised the child as a kind of messiah for his supposed rapport with Planet, and he did demonstrate extremely accelerated mental development. After a period of several years, the faction declared Dawn its leader and began the task of cleansing Planet from any 'foreign' defilements.


Psych Profile:
Traditional Cult lore holds that Cha Dawn is in fact a human manifestation of the Voice of Planet, a boy created by Planet to act as a communicator with the other factions. Regardless of the veracity of this belief, Dawn certainly believes in his authority as a Prophet, and seems to have no qualms about the means he uses to achieve his ends. The Cult freely builds mines and factories, all in the service of their mission, and Cult doctrine holds that these blights will be destroyed as the last act of Planet's purification. Cha is extremely aggressive in his dealings with other leaders, and holds the fanatic's belief that the divine nature of his goals outweighs the lives sacrificed to achieve the goals.


Faction Summary 

Little information is known about the Cult of Planet, due to the strict secrecy and slavish devotion of its members. The Cult sprang up a few years after Planetfall, and consists of Ecological Malcontents who have deserted the other human factions. Adherents fanatically follow the will of Prophet Cha Dawn, a mysterioius figure who claims to embody the Voice of Planet. Their power derives from a complete dedication to their leader's commands. The Cult of Planet gains a +2 Planet bonus from their rabid devotion to the environment, increasing the chances of capturing native life forms and reducing the effect of industrial pollution. Additionally, Cultish reverence for native life confers double police powers for native units acting as base garrisons. However, the religious ascetism practiced by these acolytes results in an industrial slowdown and a sluggish economy. They get a free Brood Pit with the discovery of Centauri Genetics.

The Cult of Planet begins the game with knowledge of Social Psych and Centauri Genetics, and may not make the "Wealth" social choice.

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