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Nomads Earthmichael AAR - Spoilers inside !!!!

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It seems the Planetary Datalinks was a bull's eye! I keep forgetting how much this SP can be useful in preset scenarios, given as it sucks in regular single player games.  :)

All in all, well done!  ;b;

Should I provide any further updates to this AAR?  Or did I take it far enough to make it obvious how to do the mop up?  Updates take time, so I want to weigh any time spent on further updates to the value to other players.

For that matter, does anyone have any constructive advice for further updates?  Too detailed?  Too boring?  It would be good to know how many people were interested in reading the AAR, and whether they thought it was helpful.  I thought it would stimulate more entries for Nomads, but I have not seen any new entries posted.

Remind me not to meet you in a dark, multiplayer alley.

You are destroying them.

I always read AARs for any game I play. I suspect most of the lurkers that come to these sites are looking at them, too.

I have found with an AAR, there is never a such thing as being too detailed. Readers want to have that detail. They are trying to learn. I also find that forum AARs are much better than even YouTube Let's Plays. Most can read faster than watch hours of videos. Not to mention, most smart phone plans have trouble buffering video. Web pages load up better.

Buster's Uncle:
I'd like to see more.  I think I'll link this on a couple of forums tomorrow.

I like the story that you bring to talk very much. Because it made me find more information to talk to you.


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