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Nomads Earthmichael AAR - Spoilers inside !!!!

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Took me a few minutes to realize this is a 6 year old AAR.  Looks like the unique base artwork went away during gameplay for some reason, changing to Hive artwork.

A scenario with no Colony Pods sounds a bit rough, and contradictory to the idea of a nomadic society as well.  I get the idea of not having a bunch of cities but that doesn't seem to be the way to solve it.  Being expected to invade everyone else's cities doesn't sound terribly nomadic either.  I think ideally once a city got to be a certain size, it would disband into colony pods.

I'm not in favor of giving factions +2 Efficiency because it just allows them to buy Police State or Planned.  Granted, this faction wasn't allowed to do Planned.  Perhaps if it had also been prevented from doing Police State, it would be more nomadic in flavor.  I'm not sure if you can prevent a faction from doing 2 social engineering choices though.

Buster's Uncle:
I was really happy about those bases, too.  I don't remember where I got them, but they looked great.


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