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If we are going to have a team win, I like the idea of have the possibility of a permanent (unbreakable) pact.  No one is ever forced to enter into such a pact.  But if someone agrees to a perma-pact, then they cannot break the pact for the rest of the game, enforced by the CMN.

I have been playing diplomatic games for over 30 years, dating back to the original board game version of Diplomacy, the board game version of Civilization, etc.  What I have found that in the long run, the best way (to me) to play is to never break your word.  So if I agree to a 20 turn pact, I won't backstab on turn 18 even if I could get a great advantage from it.  If i agree to a unbreakable pact, I won't break it even if it causes me to lose the game.  In the long run, my reputation for always keeping my pacts results in games which I find to be much more enjoyable.

Of course we will have regular (breakable) pacts as well, that is fine. 

t_ras, will you enforce an unbreakable pact if two players agree to have one at some point during the game?

turn sent to university, t_ras here is the turn too

I have no problem enforcing this, though I would suggest you not to make does pacts too early, you might not know what you'll be loosing.

I just remember I was also a "Diplomacy" player. I used to make pacts with every one till I could win and in the last turnI would break all pacts and win. I did it again and again, and people stil made pacts. this is because you never noe if and when you will be cheated, and if you are offered and fair pact which does not give too much to the other side, you will accept. what you dont know is that the other side has the same pacts with every one, and a little bit from every one is a lot...I loved that game....I almost never lost.

I sent the turn to demiurg for the Free Drones about 6 hours ago.  I am posting in case there is trouble with the email.

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