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As you land in this new plannet, in an unexpected way, you figure out the little you know about it...and about what ever is waiting for you there. Luckily you have a basic map of the planet the main computer managed to make before the break apart and the frequncies to what you hope, are the other factions comm links.  Not sure if you really want to call them though...
Well...nothing you can do now, no way back and your poeple are looking up to you and waiting for orders, if you hasitate, you loose them.
"Open the pods" you hear your self saying, "we're going out!"

:attn: The goal is pair victory of two humans which can not be military.
The map is visible, but fog of war is activated, so it is more realistic.
All factions have all the comlinks and may use it from the begining.

roninscg   UNI
Bari -> Armageddon   PK
Earthmichael   GAIA
demiurg   t_ras
AI: Hive,Spartans,Usurpers

@demiurg - please send me a copy of each turn. thanks.


2101 to  ;lal;


--- Quote from: t_ras on March 03, 2012, 12:50:46 PM ---The goal is pair victory of two humans which can not be military.The map is visible, but fog of war is activated, so it is more realistic.
All have all the comlinks and may use it, as I believe it is more realistic also.

--- End quote ---

I have a question of the pairing up.

Is there some point in the pairing where the tearms are irrevocably linked?  Otherwise, you have to be very wary about contributing to the success of your partner, if they can change alliances after you have contributed to their growth.

I would strongly prefer it if between the 4 of us, at some point we declare permamemt teams.

t_ras, since you wrote the scenario based on pair victory, what did you have in mind here?

I was thinking you can change sides whenever you want.
Notice it can not be more then two players also, which means if you leave your partner at the last moment to win with someone else, you would have to convince that someone to leave his partner first.
On one hand this means you can play with a partner all the game and then in one last turn be left for victory with another one. That means you can not accept a situation where you are the "small" partner, all 4 humans will have to be sure they are at the same level if they dont want to be be left for some one else. But again, this last scenario will probably be possible if you have two strong factions and two weak ones, else there is no reason for the partners change.
This type of game will emphasise diplomatic game.
On the other hand you can choose to enforce the pairs after a fixed number of turns (60-80?) and then the game will emphasise collaboration and good planning.

I was thinking of the first type, but is you who should enjoy it, so it is your call.


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