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US studies confirm Europe close on 'God particle'


Buster's Uncle:

--- Quote ---US studies confirm Europe close on 'God particle'
By SETH BORENSTEIN | Associated Press – 6 hrs ago...

WASHINGTON (AP) — More scientists are getting closer in the search for the so-called God particle of physics that would help explain the fundamentals of the universe. But they still haven't quite found the elusive Higgs boson (BOE-sahn) yet.

Two teams of physicists using results from a now-closed American accelerator have come up with findings that are similar to those already announced by researchers in Europe. They have narrowed where they can find the Higgs boson, but haven't seen it thus far.

The Higgs is key in the standard theory of physics because it easily explains why things in the universe have mass.

The latest work was done at the Fermi National Lab near Chicago. The results are from work by more than 800 scientists and are being announced in Italy on Wednesday.

--- End quote ---


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