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[1] 'Hyperloop' would link LA-SF in 30 mins, if built (& another longish bet)

[2] Rare sculpture of Mayan god found in path of train construction

[3] Peruvian archaeologists discover pre-Inca mummy in the ruins of Cajamarquilla

[4] 6,000-year-old settlement — full of tools and granite structures — found in Fran

[5] 2,000-year-old graves found in ancient necropolis below busy Paris train station

[6] Archeologists in Italy unearth ancient dolphin statuette

[7] Ancient Mayan scoreboard discovered by archaeologists

[8] 7,000-year-old cemetery — with bone tools — uncovered in Sudan. Take a look

[9] Archaeologists in Egypt unearth Sphinx-like Roman-era statue


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