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Yeah, I just threw that up there for a scale reference on the pics.  When you have 3 "Wallies" you do silly things with them on occasion.  For instance, if'n I build a second one, I can cut the length down by a foot.  (And I've already received generous offers to buy this one) Building a second to pay for the first is a real possibility, like I did with the Chimera last year. 

Buster's Uncle:
What sort of money are we talking about?

$1500+  Depending on a couple things I may or may not be putting on this one. 

Considering we'll be at ~$400 in costs, and lord only knows how many hours, it's actually more reasonable than it sounds.  But, the offer is from a professional haunt in Las Vegas. 

To put it in perspective, the chiller alone I'm building inside this thing retails for $500. 

Buster's Uncle:
Poo.  Your time is worth more than that, not that I'm advocating turning the offer down...

Yeah, if this were retail it would be 3K+. 

However, I've long been of the mind that these things get WAY overpriced.  Like the Chimera I sold for only a few hundred last year when I could have gotten near a thousand if I really wanted to push it.   This is enough for me to get the licenses and tax id's to start charging more, and pay for the second one to be built while being low enough not to be illegal. 


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