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Hey BUncle. 
For those that don't know my I'm a very strange Halloween addict. 

Got myself invited to Transworld, and am probably at least sending some items down with one of the vendors that wanted to spotlight my stuff. 

Got the test done on my tomb finally.  Apparantly it just doesn't work right without the lid.

Which made for an encouraging test with the machine running.  No chiller built yet, which will help immensely. 

But, even without that, we're getting good broadcast out the base and no leakage on top.  Lots of work to do that is difficult to explain/understand so we'll leave it at that. 

Order finally in for my foam coating, hopefully next week. 

This image verification crap to start a thread is rather annoying.  FYI. 

Buster's Uncle:
Hmm. the picture I had in my head was more bas relief on the outside - rather like the Tomb of Rassilon, or something Egyptian. Again, I'm thinking that if we lived in the same town, I'd be spending a lot of time in your garage helping.

I'll look into that captcha thing - I hadn't run into that for months until today, when I made a DL who's a regular member.  The capchas here are at least easy to read, but I'll poke around about that one - however, I'm not touching it without sisko's say-so unless I can find a way to only eliminate the requirement one member at a time.  I bet that's because of the feedbots, and other bot members.  I'll look into it, though.

It will have bas-relief everywhere, I haven't started the decorating yet.  Just structure.  Since the foam coating I'm getting is also the glue for the bas-relief there was little point starting that yet. 

Buster's Uncle:
Ah.  The skeleton on top threw me, then.  The fog looks like it'll make a cool effect.

Did you have a catcha again this time?

Buster's Uncle:
Okay, I finally tracked that captcha feature down, and it's only a first post thing - shouldn't come up again.


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