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Welcome to the Alpha Centauri wiki
your free and open source of SMAC and SMAX information

Advanced concepts(27 P)
Concepts(56 P)
Factions(7 C, 1 P)
Technologies(86 P)
Facilities(48 P)
Secret Projects(38 P)
Society Effects(10 P)
Society Models(4 C)
Terraforming(26 P)
Units(21 P)
Abilities(29 P)
Weapons(25 P)
Armor(14 P)
Chassis(9 P)
Reactors(4 P)
Text files(1 C, 28 P)


  • Installation - Guide to getting AC fully patched and running properly.
  • Strategy - Articles on improving your play.
  • Modding - alphax.txt changes, graphics tutorials, faction text creation.
  • Modpacks - Information on various sets fan changes, from balance tweaks to total conversions.
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  • Encourage ete to finish uploading the datalinks.
  • Populate and discuss wanted articles.
  • Read the full to-do list for more ways to help out!
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