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MY 2133.  I was escorting an Artifact home with a Scout as cover, to keep anyone from stealing it.  Then this mindworm came out of nowhere and destroyed them both.  I was walking overland because that supply pod was blocking the channel for my Transport.  It could have popped an Isle of the Deep, and I don't want to lose my only ship, let alone a Clean Reactor Deep Radar ship.  I've had a lot of fungus creating choke points on my land.  It's not as bad as some games I've played where the fungus totally overwhelmed my starting position, but this isn't good land.  It'll get better eventually but this isn't some accelerated starting position.

Detailsmore slaughtermore slaughter
Mindworms up north waylaid me too.  Settling my colonist where it is, hasn't felt like the greatest idea, but I'm getting impatient about this game.  I don't like getting jerked around this much.  I make a precautionary save before founding my base, in case there's yet another one out there.  It's 2 AM and I really can't be bothered to tiptoe around this game anymore.  It's going to get dangerous enough anyways and I don't need this early junk.  Crabbiness and a desire to end a number of nights of sleep deprivation, is imminent.  I did at least kill that offending mindworm with that barely alive Scout.

Detailshere he is, Mr America! look at him gohere he is, Mr America! look at him go
Hi Yang!  Haven't seen you since we were snuggling in cryoslumber near a Unity escape pod.

This is a bug.  I don't know what's causing it, but I've seen it happen in quite a number of my games recently.  I wonder if it's stale files in my game directory, old data from previous games somehow?  The last time I looked into this bug, I believe it was present from the very beginning of the game.  So loading an autosaved game and playing something over, isn't going to fix anything.  We have now unscientifically determined my first atrocity victim.  The one for whom in his deranged mind, it has already happened!  Let us not disappoint him, especially since he'll nuke us if we let him get around to it.

I pass Yang's commlink frequency to Svensgaard.  I didn't ask for a war.  I was hoping he'd get a map out of Yang, but he didn't.

I fish Roze's commlink frequency out of a sea supply pod.  She tells me all about Yang's lands.  We sign a Treaty but she doesn't want a Pact.

She sells me C2 Applied Physics!  I've got the minimum I need to make chemical warfare now.  Probe teams would be nice.

Detailsnot quite the production or logisticsnot quite the production or logistics
It's not a lot of targets right now, but they're scattered and not all that near to me.  I've only got 4 cities myself and they're all size 1.  It isn't time to attack yet, but I know what I have to work towards.

Detailsdata miningdata mining
I pass Roze's comm frequency to Svensgaard.  This time he does come back with a map.  Roze is sitting next to the Monsoon Jungle and will surely colonize it.

Detailsmarch of progressmarch of progress
The land corridor on the way to Yang is long and empty.  I need to expand in this direction.  Gaining mag tubes would be good.

Time for bed!

Detailsbest option when surrounded by fungusbest option when surrounded by fungus
MY 2139.  Svensgaard sells me B2 Industrial Base, which makes Recycling Tanks and Capitalist available.  I'd switch to it but funds prevent me.  I said I would do it though.  None of this weenie Green stuff!

Detailsproper money grubberproper money grubber
MY 2141.  I switch to Capitalist.  It doesn't actually make me more money right now, but it does speed up my research a bit.  It'll start to matter more and more as I get more cities and they grow in size.  It's going to be a PITA for mindworms though.  Ordinarily this would be a premature decision, but I'm determined to roleplay Morgan properly.

Detailsmy utter lack of convictionsmy utter lack of convictions
MY 2148.  I learn B2 Ethical Calculus and go Democratic.  I know I talked about Extremist but there's nothing helpful about that at this stage of the game.  It was not meant to be a good choice, in fact it was meant to get the AI to stop obsessing about Fundamentalist.  I had to take stuff away and make it more useless to get that to happen.  It's still good for some factions though, like the Cult of Planet who is immune to its negative effects.  It could be useful to me later when I have bigger cities, as +3 SUPPORT would give me free units up to the size of the city.  I could try to pump up a single city by adding Colonists to it, but I don't have the food or production for that yet.

Detailsyou sank my battleship!you sank my battleship!
MY 2152.  Yang sinks my Transport.  At least I happened to have my Rover off of it at the time, due to fighting a mindworm last turn.  I thought I was going to zip backup to that Monolith of his to heal.

Detailssecurity posturesecurity posture
MY 2159.  Now I can have probe teams!  Buying my tech from others has been going rather well.  The best thing I could get next would be E3 Monopole Magnets.  It's cross-listed as a Build tech so I might get it sometime.

Detailsdiplomatic nonsensediplomatic nonsense
MY 2163.  Svensgaard declares war on Roze.  I've gotten far more tech out of her than out of him!  That's because she starts the game with what amounts to the Planetary Datalinks already in her pocket.  That's a feature of my mod, that the Data Angels don't actually have to infiltrate to get the free techs from other factions.  It was way too much to expect the poor hapless AI to get probe teams all the way across the map to infiltrate.

I have to take out Yang first.  I don't want to be in a war with Roze, there's no value in it for me at all.  So I will try to stop it and keep Svensgaard as an ally.

Detailswho am I to believewho am I to believe
He points the finger at her.

DetailsI am a tech pestI am a tech pest
Roze blows me off!  I think I bothered her about stuff last year though.  Maybe it'll pass soon.

Detailsthe love between us just isn't there anymorethe love between us just isn't there anymore
MY 2166.  Roze finally starts talking again and acquiesces to my desire.

MY 2172.  Svensgaard get's Aki Zeta5's phone number off of a bathroom wall, out on some buoy somewhere.  Hey it's the 70s.  She wants nothing but sweet war between us.  She's the most distant faction, according to Yang's map from the Unity crash site.  On the graph she's also supposedly the most powerful, with the Data Angels close behind.

MY 2173.  Not sure how Yang got a Scout all the way up behind me.  I suppose he took a boat.  I haven't had a ship out that way in a long time.  I rush a 2nd Scout to deal with it.


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