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Detailsbefore a plaguebefore a plague
MY 2361.  I have finally bombarded the Sensor Arrays into oblivion and am ready for my main assault.  I am thinking the city's population is large enough, that I can afford 1 plague hit, without it depopulating so small as to be wiped out by my final assault.  Human cities depopulate to 1 when Aliens take them over anyways, so there's no loss.  Provided the city doesn't get knocked down too far.  As a precaution, I will save scum this turn.  After all, the last city I plagued lost 10 people.

Detailsand afterand after
Perfect!  Look how effective it is.  This has now become a complete cakewalk / move-in special.  Demon Boil mindworms are going up against this.  As a precaution I move my mindworms onto high ground before attacking, in case the North Pole sinks next year.  The conquest is uneventful and all my units move into their new northern home.

Detailswatch out for Sensorswatch out for Sensors
The +50% defense bonus for a Sensor Array in my mod is no joke.  I already hit this city with 1 plague, and I lost a Demon Boil mindworm to a mere wounded Trance Scout.  I had just come back from an interruption to my game and wasn't thinking much about the situation.  Only that the last scrap of a Datatech city was south of me and I wanted it gone.  I stop my attack in order to deal with the Sensor.  I shell it with my X Gatling Battleship and it blows up.

Detailswhy we get rid of themwhy we get rid of them
With the Sensor gone, my odds are improved and I should prevail.  Oh good grief I don't, I just barely die!  Well I do have some more mindworms yet, but that was annoying.  I brought those Demon Boils up from little grubs, and slowly destroyed all of the Believer and Peacekeeper empires with them.  Never had lots of them, just enough to destroy a city or two at a time.  So it's like losing my little grubby children, all grown up and ready to die!

I could have used yet another Cruiser Probe Team, but I've only got 1 left in theater and there's always a risk of losing it after the mission.  Didn't seem worth it, since the city was already knocked down to size 1.  Well, 2 more mindworms finished off the city without incident.  Mission accomplished, it's one less city the University will own on doomsday.  The Data Angels have only 1 city left now, and the University has been trying to soften it up.  I drop 2 old school fission Probe Teams into my newly acquired city, to finish the job off next year.

Detailsshe had it comin'she had it comin'
MY 2362.  Only the University remains.  Roze should never have stolen that ship of mine.  She could have had the honor of being in the endgame!  She could have even been my ally.  Well no one said humans are smart.

Detailsour cold warour cold war
I feel it important to point out that the University is not beaten.  We're at Orbital Defense Pod parity.  It may take as much as a 3:1 advantage to risk a launch.  My industry is working on it, but they're still keeping up.  They have at least 44 cities, judging by the number of Network Nodes they have.  I have 37.  They have 5 techs that I don't.  On paper, we're fairly evenly matched.  On the graph, I'm slightly stronger than them.  I also still have my 31 Planet Busters ready and raring to go, against their 2.

DetailsI am Electric EyeI am Electric Eye
My ace in the hole is I can direct my research and they can't.  I've been pursuing a different tech path than they have.  One that will end their research advantage, and make their bases completely vulnerable.  Next year, it's showtime!  Chemical attacks aren't going to trigger any vengeance by Planet, and I don't think the University can do anything militarily about me.  I will wear down their industry until I finally have ODP supremacy and can nuke the rest.  Once a hot war starts, they might even do me the favor of trying to attack my ODPs with theirs.  They're certain to lose more of their own than they take out, which would give me my launch window sooner rather than later.


--- Quote from: bvanevery on November 16, 2019, 04:05:49 AM ---DetailsData Angels plagued and gassedData Angels plagued and gassedIt seems we don't eat the same food, although oddly, we do use the same farmland, go figure!
--- End quote ---

Why, yes, naturally, its not the resource but the processing of the harvest that does the trick!

So there you have it.  The Aliens eat a quantity of soy sauce so excessive, it would kill a human.

And perhaps they find the bark of trees delicious.

You know if you take captives, there are alternatives to simply starving them to death.  Particularly if you have the cropland handy.  It's not like when a city drops to size 1, that the Aliens need all that land immediately for their own produce.

When will these Aliens embrace low-sodium cuisine?  They're draining our oceans, I tell you!

 ;caretake; ;rockon ;liftoff

MY 2363.  Belatedly I realized that my existing Fusion Probe Teams will not be algorithmically enhanced until I actually complete the Nethack Terminus.  It's expensive and I can't do that instantly.  Supposedly I have an income of -2 energy credits, but I have trouble believing that because I have 1821 credits in my account.  Perhaps that's some wild mindworms I killed though.  I have diverted all ODPs that would take 2 turns to complete into Supply Crawler production.  8 of those should complete next turn.  I'm not sure if that's enough to complete the project, but it'll get me closer.  I still have 42 ODPs to their 30, and 6 more will complete next turn.

Meanwhile I'll build 1 Algorithmically Enhanced probe team in my capitol, where I keep my one Covert Ops Center.  That will be good enough to sneak around with, although I don't think I can frame anyone at this point?  I've also used this lull to move all my old non-amphibious X units to the northern captured city.  They should be able to make a right mess of the University's conquered Data Angel territory.

Detailsa species of suicide troopsa species of suicide troops
I've designed some cheap suicide squads.  Notably the Banzai Brigade: its purpose is to leap off a cliff, enter an empty enemy city, have enough movement remaining to Obliterate the base, and drown!  The Drop Frog is essentially the same thing but can be orbitally inserted.  If a base is only size 1 and adjacent to my rail network, I can send the even cheaper Banzai Flea to do the job, as I don't need any moves remaning.  It's basically a marine scout and only costs 10 minerals!  But my industrial capacity is high enough that I have cities that can easily produce a 30 or 40 minerals unit in 1 turn, without being able to produce more expensive things as quickly as I'd like. 

MY 2364.  My Elite Algorithmically Enhanced probe team didn't do much of a job against the University.  It was summarily compromised and Zhakarov declared war.  I'm tempted to take defensive actions only, as he doesn't seem to be keeping up with the ODP race.  I haven't committed any atrocities against him yet.  Can he be lulled into a false sense of security?

I don't really have enough offensive forces for conventional war.  Wasn't what I put my industry into.  I do have some units coming next turn.  Also the Nethack Terminus will be completed.  My Supply Crawlers got me almost all the way there, and it seems I do have some kind of unreported income, despite what the budget says.  After rushing the project I still have a 2125 credit reserve.

Detailswalk inwalk in
I don't have remotely enough amphibious units, let alone suicide units.  I take an undefended base, hoping to negotiate an immediate Truce afterwards.  Unfortunately I get the error where the enemy tries to make contact with you, but nothing is said and you can't respond.  Now he's ignoring me.  So, I'll have to kill his stuff and take another base.  I think I only have 1 more amphibious unit though.

Detailssilly partysilly party
It took a ridiculous number of Spore Launchers to sink 1 enemy Sea Colony Pod.  I'm not sure why they're so ineffective.  Perhaps conventional artillery works better, but this is what I've got.  I didn't want to waste a plane on the job, and what navy I bothered to make is all up north.

I killed a few more units in a few sea bases on the shores of my supercontinent.  I did not commit my "serious" air force to anything, they are waiting on the ground.  That was a pretty meek opening move by world conquest standards!  Maybe it will lull them into building the wrong things?


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